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guide to eco friendly shampoos

Our Guide to Eco-Friendly Shampoo

Sustainable beauty has never been more important - discover what sets our eco-friendly hair products apart.

Making sustainable choices in our everyday lives is the single best way to make a positive impact on the world. Kérastase is committed to a greener future, from the way we manufacture our products to the ingredients used in our environmentally friendly shampoos, conditioners and other hair products.

The beauty industry takes a major toll on the environment, which also means it is ideally positioned to be able to make a positive difference too. And now, more and more consumers are embracing the concept of slow living and considering their impact on our precious planet. If you have been taking steps to live a more sustainable life, such as growing your own herbs or catching public transport, perhaps you’ll want to consider switching to more sustainable shampoos and hair products.

As an industry-leading brand, Kérastase has embraced the challenge of tackling planetary challenges and accelerating our global sustainable transformation. Keep reading to discover how our iconic shampoos are produced in a more sustainable way and what we’re planning to do to keep improving.

Our future commitments towards sustainability

Get to know our waterloop wonder

Water is the world’s most precious resource, with WHO and UNICEF estimating that one in three people around the world lack access to clean drinking water. To begin to address this issue, Kérastase produces the majority of products in an innovative waterloop factory based in Burgos, Spain. 100% of the water used in our industrial processes is recycled and reused in a loop. In fact, we’re now able to recycle used water for industrial processes indefinitely. This means that all the water we use across different production purposes, such as the washing of tanks and steam production, comes entirely from water recycled in a loop on site. In 2020 alone, the factory saved the equivalent of 700 people’s annual water consumption, with the impact speaking for itself.

Recycle shampoo bottles

The beauty industry contributes 120 billion units of packaging to landfills every year, most of which is plastic. To mitigate this, all Kérastase shampoo bottles (below the cap) are now fully recyclable. After you have finished your shampoo, you simply need to remove the cap and recycle the rest of the packaging. We have also made the switch to 100% post-consumer recycled materials, creating an incredible recycling loop.

Opt for eco-friendly shampoo ingredients

Until recently, it was difficult to find eco-friendly liquid shampoos. However, thanks to our recyclable packaging and sustainable ingredient usage, Kérastase is now able to offer sustainable shampoos that do good for your hair and the environment.

We do this by skipping harmful ingredients like silicone. If you’re wondering whether shampoo is bad for the environment, Kérastase can put your mind at ease with our high usage of natural ingredients, which minimises the toxic waste that goes down your drain. We prioritise the use of ingredients with high biodegradability, which means they break down quickly and leave little damage.

Our future commitments towards sustainability

The Kérastase production process has been carbon neutral since 2015. However, we are not satisfied with resting here. Instead, we are committed to improving and reducing our environmental footprint, putting caring for the planet at the forefront of these innovations.

Here are just two of our major commitments for the years to come:

·  By 2025, we are committed to ensuring that 100% of all of our plastic packaging will be refillable, reusable, or recyclable

·  By 2030, 100% of the plastics used in all our packaging will be either from recycled or bio-based sources, which is renewable.

Our favourite eco shampoos and hair products

Our favourite eco shampoos and hair products

If you’re ready to make the switch to eco-friendly liquid shampoos, take your pick from the Kérastase range.

If you have dandruff-prone oily hair, opt for our Spécifique Bain Anti-Pelliculaire Shampoo. Designed to eliminate impurities from the scalp, Bain Anti-Pelliculaire contains salicylic acid and active antibacterial ingredients to promote results in just eight weeks.

Kérastase even offers eco-friendly shampoo for colour-treated hair. Blondes can opt for our Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet purple shampoo. Removing brassiness and yellow undertones while nourishing damaged hair fibres, Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet is infused with hyaluronic acid and edelweiss flower for maximum results.

For dyed hair of any other colour, consider the Chroma Absolu Shampoo. Sulphate-free and loaded with premium ingredients Amino Acid & Centella Asiatica, this shampoo protects your shine as well as the environments we source our ingredients from.

Kérastase is committed to recycling plastics, mindfully consuming water and using environmentally-friendly ingredients. Explore our conditioners and masks today.

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