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Tips for Maintaining Coloured Hair

Tips for Maintaining Coloured Hair

There’s nothing like a fresh head of immaculately-coloured, glossy hair. The rich vibrancy of a colour redo is unmissable, covetable, and something we unanimously want to last as long as possible. But how does one maintain coloured hair to keep it opulent and looking ultra-bright for longer? We’ve curated an actionable list of coloured hair tips to keep your hair colour treatment looking its finest well after you’ve rinsed and blow-dried. Read on to become an expert in maintaining coloured hair below.

How and why does hair colour fade?

After a meticulous coat of new hair colour, it can be frustrating to see your brilliant pigment fading with time. It prompts the age-old question of how to keep hair colour longer, and requires some science to understand. When colouring your hair, hair colour pigments either coat the hair strand (semi-permanent) or penetrate the hair cuticle (permanent). Although permanent hair dyes are made to last longer, both of these hair colour pigments become extremely vulnerable when washing hair, and consequently begin to fade (without your permission). Colour treated hair dulls and dissipates in hue inevitably, but there are a few clever and tactful ways to extend your freshly-coloured hair period for longer.

How to maintain colour treated hair

Paying close attention to the colour treated hair tips below are the simplest preventatives of unwanted hair colour fading. Things like evading hot water during your ritualised biweekly hair wash, or using mindful products to enrich your strands will maintain colour vibrancy for longer. Selecting a three-step product mix of shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask that fortifies your strands will deliberately intensify colour and shine. Your most paramount coloured hair tips are coming right up.

person with curly coloured hair

1. Avoid Hot Water

Perhaps the most simple way to give your coloured hair the greatest chance at staying lustrous for longer is heeding caution to hot water when you wash. Keeping things cool on your locks is one of the ultimate tips for colour treated hair. Why? Cold water seals your hair cuticle, sucking in moisture from your thorough conditioning and therefore ensuring hair looks frizz-free, glossy and hydrated. Heat, on the other hand, lifts the outer cuticle layer of your hair, which can cause your hair colour treatment to wane much faster.

So, what can you do about this? We recommend working to build healthy lifestyle habits to help you manage your stress levels. This could involve exercise, meditation, taking time out for rest, or anything else that works for you.

2. Use colour-safe products

Caring for coloured hair means selecting products that work overtime on rejuvenating, fortifying and amplifying your hair’s hue and structure. Kérastase’s Chroma Absolu range was crafted for doing just that. Colour treated hair strands are more porous than uncoloured hair, prompting them to absorb and release moisture more swiftly. This catalyses loss of colour molecules each time you wet your hair. Our conditioners, hair treatments and shampoos for coloured hair is replete with key ingredients like Lactic Acid to preserve colour, restore hair integrity and provide sublime, supple hair texture.

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3. Keep shampoo sulphate free

You’ve likely heard about the damaging effects sulphates can have on colour treated hair. But what do they do, exactly? Surfactants like sulphates can lead to frizziness and friction-induced hair damage if overdone.

Our cult colour safe shampoo is the Chroma Absolu Bain Chroma Respect Shampoo— a colour-protecting shampoo for colour-treated or highlighted hair. In lieu of sulphates, this deeply-replenishing shampoo contains powerhouse ingredients like Lactic Acid and Centella Asiatica. Formulated with the concerns of coloured hair in mind, this powerhouse shampoo will repair hair, intensely hydrate and protect colour from fading. The result? Hair left smooth and shiny for maximum light reflection.

4. Apply a hair mask to restore health after colouring

No colour treated hair care routine is complete without the Chroma Absolu Hydrating Hair Mask. Beyond the essential effects of shampoo and conditioner, a multi-protecting hair mask will deeply nourish hair to protect and prolong colour vibrancy for healthy hair colour.

To reap the best benefits from the Chroma Absolu Hair Mask, simply glaze your shampooed and towel-dried hair in a walnut-sized, evenly-distributed amount of product. Next, massage lengths and tips of your strands and leave on for 5-10 and after rinsing thoroughly, you’ll notice replumped hair with emphasised, intensified colour. How? This mask contains the same trio of illuminating and protective ingredients as our colour protecting conditioner and shampoo.

Maintaining that freshly-coloured hair look, texture and gloss is dependent on the hair products you use. Explore Kérastase’s hair care products designed to prolong colour vibrancy now, and start to implement habits to preserve your colour treated hair today.

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