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What Is A Hair Serum And How To Use One

Creating a glossy, bouncy and thick mane can be an elusive task – but bringing back that salon fresh look at home isn’t impossible. You might think you have all the essential hair care steps covered, but without hair serums and creams your mane could be missing out on vital nutrients and shine enhancing ingredients. Adopting a hair and scalp serum designed for your hair type and formulated with ingredients that target specific hair concerns is key to maintaining impeccable locks. Ahead, discover the right serum for your hair type and achieve the hair of your dreams with our guide on how to use hair serum.

What is hair serum and the benefits

The soft, oil-like texture of Kérastase hair serums are designed to aid with styling and create silky locks without a greasy finish. Typically formulated with high concentrations of nourishing ingredients, hair serums are a supportive hair care step that could be the perfect addition to your routine if your mane is sometimes dry, frizzy or dull. Implementing a serum for hair concerns into your care routine can provide benefits like

Promoting a healthier looking mane.
Encouraging growth by supporting the scalp.
Nourishing and hydrating hair for glossier, smoother locks.

How to apply hair serum

Wondering “can I use hair serum daily?” Both the formula of a serum and individual hair type influence how often to use hair serum. While some serums help with daily styling, others are designed for weekly use and provide their best benefits when left on overnight.
How to apply hair and scalp serums:


Use a wide tooth comb to evenly disperse hair serums through the lengths of wet or dry locks, avoiding the roots.


Massage scalp serums into the skin surrounding the hair roots going section by section until the entire scalp is covered.

Always refer to product label for specific application instructions.

How to choose the right serum for hair types

To select the most suitable serums for your mane, consider your hair type and its needs, then look for a formula rich in ingredients that can best address them.
Hydrate dry hair with a nutrient-rich hair serum.
Improve brittle hair with a hair strengthening serum.
Support lightened hair with a recovery serum for blondes.
Revitalise mature hair with an anti-ageing hair serum.
Nourish sensitive scalps with a defence serum for hair and scalps.

Still uncertain? Use our online hair diagnosis for a personal hair analysis. Read on to discover your perfect Kérastase hair and scalp serum.

Night serum for dry hair image

Restorative night serum for dry hair

To nourish and hydrate dry hair, choose a nutrient-rich serum that can restore balance and manageability. Suitable for all dry hair types, the lightweight, creamy formula of the Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum gradually absorbs through the long hours of sleep to detangle fine hair and soften coarse strands. Infused with a blend of five expertly curated vitamins and texture enhancing iris root extract, this supportive serum leaves a smooth, satin finish on each hair fibre. 

Genesis Scalp Serum for strengthening hair

Strengthening serum for brittle hair

If your mane is prone to breakage or fallout, a fortifying serum for hair could be a beneficial addition to your haircare routine. The Genesis Anti-Breakage Fortifying Hair Serum is daily, silicone-free serum that targets the scalp and hair fibres to provide an optimal environment for hair growth. Anti-ageing vegetable sugars support increased collagen and elastin production, while protective Complexe AOX can reduce oxidative stress. Enriched with edelweiss native cells to help strengthen hair and stop breakage alongside density enhancing aminexil for improved resilience and flexibility of tissues around the roots.  

Blond Absolu Night Serum for lightened hair

Recovery serum for lightened hair

Breakage and split ends are common in chemically lightened locks, and a serum for hair that addresses these issues will help unlock your glossiest mane yet. The Blond Absolu Night Serum is an intense overnight recovery serum for blondes with nourishing hyaluronic acid to promote durability, prevent frizz and reduce breakage by refilling wounds in the hair fibre. Meanwhile, antioxidant-rich edelweiss flower helps to repair damaged hair by protecting against daily stressors and softening sensitised hair fibres for smoother, silkier strands. 

Chronologiste hair serum for ageing hair

Anti-ageing serum for mature hair

Hair evolves with age, so the benefits of anti-ageing hair care can support a mane that appears untouched by time. Formulated with premium revitalising ingredients, the Chronologiste Sérum Universel Hair Serum is an anti-ageing scalp treatment and strengthening serum for hair. Bounce and shine are hallmarks of youthful looking hair, so this serum uses hyaluronic acid to promote plumper hair fibres and vitamin E for its nourishing and protective properties. Beyond supporting damaged locks, abyssine leaves a flawless, glossy finish. 

Potentialiste serum for sensitive scalps

Defense serum for sensitive scalps

Whether it’s learning how to support a dry scalp or excess oil, a mane that looks and feels its best requires a healthy growth environment. With antioxidant properties, the Spécifique Serum Potentialiste Vitamin C Hair and Scalp Serum can promote increased hair growth by soothing scalp imbalances and reduce oxidation by protecting against external aggressors. This menthol infused serum for hair provides cooling, scalp stimulating effects, while glycerin works to attract and retain moisture. Tamanu oil comforts the scalp and anti-bacterial piroctone olamine can help support dandruff control. 

Chronologiste hair serum for ageing hair

Hydrating serum for dry ends

Dry ends can be a sign that your hair needs nourishment. To help reduce dry ends and increase hair's health, we recommend choosing a targeted dry hair treatment that provides hair with essential nutrients to restore and hydrate dry ends. The Nutritive Fibre Food Hair Serum for Dry Ends is infused with vitamins to instantly replenish the tips, locking in moisture and preventing dryness and breakage.

Potentialiste serum for sensitive scalps

Anti-dandruff serum for dandruff-prone scalp

Dandruff is a common hair concern that can occur for numerous reasons. Alongside anti-dandruff shampoos, using a potent serum for dandruff-prone scalps can help target dandruff at the source. The Symbiose Anti-Dandruff Scalp Serum is an intensive hair and scalp serum that works overnight to eliminate dandruff flakes and provide comfort to sensitivity. The scalp looks healthier and stronger and dandruff flakes are minimised.

Now you know how to use hair serum, discover more ways to maintain your locks by learning how to protect your hair overnight.

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