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The Benefits of Marula Oil for Hair

There are times when shampooing and conditioning alone isn’t enough to achieve radiance and shine. It is common for our hair care needs to fluctuate, and hair oils have become popular during such periods because they keep locks nourished for longer. Marula oil hair care products offer an additional source of moisture and can be used as part of your daily routine to combat dry, damaged hair and tame frizz. If you’re wondering, ‘is marula oil good for hair?’, we’ve compiled some of the leading benefits of this moisturising hair oil and how you can use this ingredient to revitalise your hair.

What is marula oil?

You might be unfamiliar with marula oil, but this naturally occurring ingredient has a long history of use for its hair care and skin care benefits. Marula oil is derived and extracted from the kernels and nuts of the marula fruit tree, which is native to parts of South Africa. This is an occlusive ingredient, so adopting marula oil for hair care helps to retain moisture and prevents the hair from drying out. It is also rich in antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids, which have a number of moisture-boosting and hair-protecting properties.

Marula oil benefits for hair

Now that we have an idea of marula oil’s natural origins, what does marula oil do for hair? Since marula oil is densely packed with nutrients that strengthen the hair, seal in moisture and boost shine, this hero hair treatment works to restore moisture, softness and suppleness to your locks. These properties are designed to specifically benefit people with dry, brittle, damaged or frizzy hair. Marula oil hair care extends to any hair type, though it is more suitable for application to hair strands rather than the scalp itself. Let’s take a closer look at marula oil’s various hair-enriching qualities.

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Lightweight texture

It’s time to relinquish the notion that hair oils will only weigh down your hair. Marula oil is designed for the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair, so you won’t need to worry about product buildup on your scalp. One of the most beloved qualities of marula oil for hair care is its lightweight, non-greasy formula that easily penetrates the hair shaft. The lightweight hydration gives the hair a silky finish and shiny appearance without a loss of volume. Marula oil is also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your hair follicles.

Infused with antioxidants

Antioxidants are a positive force in hair care because they maintain scalp health, help protect hair follicles and encourage hair growth. Thankfully, marula oil is loaded with some of the best ingredients and vitamins for hair care. Amino acids, vitamin C and vitamin E are just some of the nutrient-rich antioxidants found in marula oil hair products. These antioxidants are also helpful in neutralising free radicals like UV rays and other external pollutants that can impact hair health and shine.

Smooths frizz

Hair that is prone to frizz (typically dry, damaged or curly hair) can benefit greatly from regular use of marula oil hair care products. Marula oil can be used as a styling product to seal and coat hair cuticles, creating a visible smoothing effect that eliminates frizz and promotes shine. The lightweight nature of marula oil beautifully complements curly hair which is often characterised by dryness and frizz, bringing bounce, gloss and definition to curls without overloading your strands with product.

Protects hair from heat damage

In addition to shielding the hair against free radicals like sun exposure and pollution, marula oil-infused hair care products can act as a heat protectant from styling tools. Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil is infused with Thermo Protection Anti-Humidity properties to effectively seal and protect strands from heat styling. To prevent heat damage, apply marula oil for hair before blow drying and styling. Apply 1-2 pumps evenly to wet, clean hair from mid-lengths to ends. Not only will this act as a heat protectant, but it can also assist in detangling!

Moisturises and keeps hair soft

All the powerful antioxidants in marula oil hair care products serve an important purpose in locking moisture into the hair follicle and preventing any further moisture loss. Marula oil helps to rehydrate and manage dry hair, offering nourishment throughout the hair to keep it looking soft. For those with thick or course hair, strategic application between hair washes can bring suppleness back to your locks and carry shine through to your next shampoo day. Even those with oily-prone roots can disperse a small amount of marula oil onto dry ends to enjoy its moisturising benefits.

How to use marula oil for hair care

Marula oil benefits for hair care are extensive, so, how can you incorporate this versatile oil into your hair care routine? Enter Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil, a product formulated with a potent combination of marula oil, camelia oil and argan oil for enhanced hair health and shine. This triple-threat, multi-use hair oil is here to settle the argan oil vs marula oil for hair debate once and for all, showcasing how these oils can harmonise together in one nourishing hair oil product. This can be applied as a pre-cleanse before washing, as a heat-protectant or a styling product. To learn more, read up on 10 facts about Elixir Ultime.

Now that you’re well-versed in marula oil hair care, find out how you can further hydrate dry hair with the Kérastase hair care range.

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