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Hair Strengthening Products

Introducing the Kérastase hair strengthening products, a range of haircare solutions designed to nourish and fortify your hair. Our hair-strengthening products are formulated with advanced ingredients to provide targeted care for weakened and damaged hair. Discover the power of Kérastase hair products for strengthening today and enjoy stronger, healthy hair!

Strong Lengths

Strong Lengths

2 products
2 products
Genesis Anti-Hair Fall Fortifying Hair Serum

Genesis Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant

Daily fortifying serum for weakened hair that is prone to falling due to breakage from brushing.

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Resistance Strengthening Anti-Breakage Routine

The complete routine for weakened, damaged hair.

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Kérastase Hair Strengthening Products

Kérastase range of hair strengthening products are designed to promote and revive damaged hair. These products are formulated to bring back your hair's natural brilliance by fortifying it from root to tip, leaving it stronger, smoother, and more resistant to breakage. Whether you're dealing with damage from heat styling, chemical treatments, or just every day wear and tear, our strengthening hair products will help achieve longer, healthier-looking hair. From hair strengthening conditioners to shampoos, shop our collection of hair products for strengthening to help minimise breakage and damage.

The Best Ingredients for Hair Strengthening

At Kérastase, we offer a range of hair strengthening products to suit every hair type and concern. Our collection is formulated with premium ingredients such as creatine and ceramides to strengthen and protect your hair. In addition to these essentials, we also offer several hair serums that target specific strengthening areas of concern. With their unique formulation, Kérastase hair products for strengthening will help support weakened hair so you can achieve those long, healthy lengths. Learn more about the benefits of each ingredient in our hair care ingredient glossary.

How to Use Strengthening Hair Products

For best results, we recommend using our strengthening hair products as part of a complete hair care routine. Start with the Résistance Extentioniste Length Strengthening Shampoo to gently cleanse your hair, following up with the Résistance Extentioniste Length Strengthening Conditioner to hydrate. After washing and conditioning, apply the leave-in treatment to damp hair to protect it from heat and environmental damage. Finally, use a strengthening serum as needed such as the Genesis Anti-Breakage Fortifying Hair Serum or the Résistance Extentioniste Length Strengthening Scalp Serum for an extra boost of protection and to smooth and repair any visible damage. With regular use of our hair strengthening products, you'll see longer, stronger and more beautiful hair.

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