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Conditioners For Dry hair

Intensely hydrate your hair with Kérastase's collection of conditioners for dry hair. Provide your hair with the essential nutrition and nourishment it needs to achieve healthy, exceptional hair with intense shine. Shop Kérastase's hydrating conditioners now.

Nourishment Conditioners

Nourishment Conditioners

3 products
3 products

Nutritive Masquintense for Dry Hair

Ultra-concentrated soft hair mask with essential nutrients.

Old price New price A$84.00
One size available for Nutritive Masquintense for Dry Hair
200 ml

Nutritive Masquintense Riche for Very Dry Hair

Deep nutrition ultra-concentrated rich hair mask

Old price New price A$84.00 (A$0.34/ml.)
One size available for Nutritive Masquintense Riche for Very Dry Hair
200 ml

Nutritive Lait Vital Conditioner

High-nutrition ultra-light detangling conditioner.

Old price New price A$62.00
One size available for Nutritive Lait Vital Conditioner

Nourish with a Conditioner for Dry Hair

Dry hair is a common hair concern, and can be caused by a variety of factors including the weather, heat damage and colouring. When the hair is dry, strands become weaker and prone to other hair concerns like hair breakage, lack of shine and split ends. Using an hydrating conditioner in your hair routine is an essential step in targeting your dry ends. Kérastase has developed an array of hair masks and conditioners for dry hair to provide your dry strands with essential nourishment and nutrition for a luscious, healthy, glossy hair.

Which Conditioner for Dry Hair is Best For Me?

To help you find the best conditioner for your dry hair that caters to the specific needs of your hair, Kérastase has created a variety of dry hair shampoos for different levels of damage and dryness.

  • Conditioner for Normal to Dry Hair - If your hair is feeling dryer than usual, or looks lackluster, opt for the Nutritive Lait Vital Conditioner for Normal to Dry Hair. This dry hair conditioner provides incredibly light nutrients to nourish the hair fibre and promote incredible softness and shine.
  • Incorporating a hair mask regularly into your routine will help boost to the overall health of your hair. Pair your dry hair conditioner with a hydrating shampoo and the Nutritive Masquintense Riche Hair Mask to achieve glossy, healthy hair in no time. Before you sleep, using a nourishing hair serum like the best-selling Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum may be the last step you need to leave dry hair behind you.

    Target dry ends and achieve exceptional hair with Kérastase's nourishing conditioners. To shop the whole routine, discover our complete dry hair product collection.

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