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Anti-Dandruff Products

Help minimise dandruff flakes with Kérastase's collection of dandruff products including scalp treatments and shampoos. Promote a balanced, healthy scalp free now thanks to Kérastase's effective anti-dandruff hair products.



4 products
4 products

Symbiose Micro-Exfoliating Cellular Scalp Scrub for Dandruff Flakes

A purifying scalp scrub for dandruff flakes.
The Symbiose Micro-Exfoliating Cellular Scalp Scrub is powered by three actives that work in affinity with the scalp, targeting dandruff flakes at the cellular level. The exfoliating scalp treatment exfoliates dead skin cells and flakes, purifies the scalp and soothes discomfort.

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One size available

Symbiose Cellulaire Nuit Anti-Dandruff Scalp Serum Intensif

Nighttime scalp serum for dandruff-prone scalps and hair.
The Symbiose Cellulaire Nuit Anti-Pelliculaire Intensif is an intensive hair and scalp serum for dandruff-prone scalps. This potent dandruff scalp serum works overnight to help target dandruff at the source with its 8 hours of continuous action. The anti-dandruff hair serum helps the scalp look healthier and stronger, while soothing & comforting sensitive scalps.

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One size available

Symbiose Crème Hydrating Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

A hydrating anti-dandruff shampoo for dry, sensitive scalps prone to dandruff.
The Symbiose Crème Anti-Pelliculaire moisturising anti-dandruff shampoo uses a creamy yet breathable foaming formula to remove dandruff and flakes while moisturising and soothing a dry scalp. After use, hair is left feeling soft and healthy.

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One size available

Symbiose Pureté Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Oily Scalp

An anti-dandruff shampoo for oily scalp that removes dandruff and flakes while preventing oil-build-up.
The Symbiose Pureté Anti-Pelliculaire uses a caring yet breathable formula to purify scalp to remove visible dandruff & flakes on scalp without stripping the fibre. The oily scalp dandruff shampoo deeply cleanses clogged scalp pores from dead skin cells and sebum build up for a less dandruff flakes caused by a greasy scalp. Hair feels replenished with hydration and hair vitality is boostes.

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One size available

Anti-Dandruff Products, Designed for Your Scalp

Dandruff is caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells on the scalp, leading to flaking. At Kérastase, we understand the impact dandruff can have on your confidence and have formulated a collection of anti-dandruff hair products to help target the issue effectively. Our dandruff product collection includes effective solutions for dandruff-prone scalps, leaving your scalp clean, refreshed and free from visible flakes.

Discover the Full Dandruff Product Collection

Discover our Symbiose collection featuring anti-dandruff hair products that promote a healthy, balanced scalp. Formulated with targeted ingredients, this collection includes anti-dandruff shampoos, scalp serums and scalp scrubs that effectively target and minimise the appearance of dandruff flakes on both oily and dry scalps. Create a hair care regime that cares for your scalp like no other, thanks to the Kérastase dandruff product range.

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