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Hyaluronic Acid For Hair: Benefits and How To Use

Skincare ingredients are now taking over the world of haircare, with everything from scalp exfoliators and hyaluronic acid hair products. We explore the cult beauty ingredients worth integrating into your haircare routine.

Hair and skincare have always been essential steps in any good wellness routine. Now, the two forms of self-care have more in common than ever before, with skincare-inspired hair products starting to utilise the powerhouse ingredients we’ve long applied to our faces.

In fact, it turns out that taking care of our scalp in the same way we take care of our faces can have a transformative effect on the health and appearance of our hair. We explore some of the best skincare-inspired haircare products and show you just how to integrate them into your routine.

Is Hyaluronic Acid Good For Your Hair?

A cult beauty favourite for many years, it now turns out that hyaluronic acid is good for your hair too!
Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which means one molecule of it is able to hold a thousand times its weight in water. This makes it especially beneficial for lightened or damaged hair, which is less porous than healthy hair. When integrated into hair care like our blonde hair products, hyaluronic acid is able to minimise porosity, add hydration, banish frizz and even address scalp dryness. Hyaluronic acid even promotes hair growth by improving blood flow to the scalp, meaning it can offer both short-term and long-term benefits.
Adopt Hyaluronic Acid into your hair routine to be able to enjoy renewed shine and healthier hair thanks to the multitasking acid.

benefits of hyaluronic acid for hair

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid For Hair

Being a humectant, hyaluronic acid helps hair to retain moisture. This means that the Hyaluronic acid benefits for hair include:

  • Minimise Porosity - Hair with high porosity means that your hair can be moisturised, however, it is not retained long enough to nourish and moisturize your hair. High porosity hair can be caused by genetics, but it also can be caused by any damage caused to hair like heat damage, lightening and the weather. If this is you, Hyaluronic Acid can benefit your hair by filling in the cracks of porous hair and help retain long-lasting moisture.
  • Add Hydration - Hyaluronic Acid isn't only hydrating to the skin but it can be highly hydrating to the hair. It's ability as a humectant to help hair retain moisture will keep your dehydrated hair deeply nourished.
  • Reduce Frizz - Frizzy hair is caused by dehydrated hair that is looking for moisture in the air. Hyaluronic Acid helps to seal the cuticle, locking in moisture and taming that unwanted frizz.
  • Address Scalp Dryness - Scalp care is the key to overall health hair. As mentioned above, Hyaluronic Acid is an hydrating ingredient that does not only hydrate the hair, but the scalp too! Hyaluronic Acid can attract and bind moisture the skin, helping it keep the scalp hydrated and balanced.
woman with smooth and shiny hair

What Hair Type Is Hyaluronic Acid Good for?

As Hyaluronic Acid is a lightweight ingredient and get absorbed deep into the hair cuticle, it can be used by all hair types and textures. Due to its hydrating benefits, Hyaluronic Acid is also particularly beneficial to hair that has experienced damaged like lightened hair or heat damaged hair. This ingredient will help retain moisture for nourished, smooth hair.

How to use Hyaluronic Acid for Hair

Using Hyaluronic Acid in your hair care is easy with kerastase. Our Blond Absolu collection is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and is catered to Blonde Hair to help restore hair health after receiving lightening services. With hyaluronic Acid being formulated within these hair products, experience the benefits of hyaluronic for hair by adding them to your everyday hair regime. See below with our favourite Hyaluronic Acid hair products.

1. Blond Absolu Bain Lumiere Shampoo

This blonde hair shampoo is a deeply hydrating shampoo with hyaluronic acid, perfect for lightened or highlighted hair. The concentrated formula will help gently cleanse the fibres will providing long-lasting moisture to leave the hair soft, smooth and luminous.

2. Blond Absolu Cicaflash Conditioner

The perfect conditioner for blonde hair, this conditioner is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to provide long-lasting nourishment. This deeply hydrating formula instantly reconstructs the fibre to minimise breakage, smooth frizz and nourish hair without weighing it down.

3. Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Hair Repair Oil

The Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Hair Repair oil is an intense strengthening hair treatment perfect for all types of blonde hair. Formulated with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, this hair oil provides deep repair to damaged hair while strengthening and smoothing. Not only that, but the formula include heat protection to protect hair from further damage.

Now you know all about the benefits of hyaluronic acid for hair, explore how to repair damaged hair.

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