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hair care routine for fine hair

Hair Care Routine for Fine Hair

Each hair type has unique needs, but when it comes to styling fine hair, the challenges posed can be particularly tricky. Putting time into your hair routine just to see that hard-earned volume drop throughout the day can be disheartening – but don’t give up just yet.

Building volume and texture in this hair type may take a little extra work, but with the right fine hair treatment you can opt for body whenever you like. For how to style fine hair so that it maintains bounce and shine, we’ve compiled a comprehensive (and expert-approved) list of dos and don’ts.

Ahead, we reveal the techniques and products that give all-day shine and flow. Read on for how to add volume to fine hair and the best fine hair products that to get you there.

What is fine hair?

Each hair strand is made up of keratin, water, fats and oils, and has an outer protective layer (called the cuticle). Those with fine hair have strands with a thinner diameter. Because these strands take up less space, people with fine hair have more strands than other hair types. Whilst this supports the overall strength of hair, the abundance of strands increases levels of oiliness, as each strand shaft has its own oil gland. Features of fine hair include:

  • Lightness
  • Straight, wavy or curly shapes
  • Less natural body than those with thicker hair
  • Prone to becoming oily or limp

The difference between fine hair vs thin hair is also important to know. Though the two share common traits, fine hair shouldn’t be confused with thin hair types. Whereas fine hair refers to the strand size, thin hair refers to the number of strands.

products to avoid for fine hair

Products to avoid for fine hair

In the same way that certain products can enhance fine hair, there are a few formulas you should avoid. The trick here is to make sure that the products you use don’t overwhelm or weigh down those smaller-sized strands. Ingredients to avoid when styling fine hair include:

Heavy oils: Hair oils can nourish and strengthen strands – especially those that have been treated with colour. However, certain oils leave a coating on strands, which can weigh down fine hair. To reap the benefits of hair oils, opt for formulas that can be absorbed quickly.

Sulphates: Used commonly in shampoos, sulphates are great at removing dirt, impurities and excess oil from hair. Their effectiveness however can prove too much for those with fine hair, which can cause the strands to become weakened.

Deep conditioning formulas: The conditioning step in your haircare routine replenishes and protects hair, but overdoing it can affect fine hair volume. When it comes to picking a conditioner, the best fine hair products are those with a lightweight and volumising formula.

How to style fine hair

To achieve bounce, body and shine, create a weekly fine hair treatment routine and keep to it. With the right application, techniques and formulas, your hair will progressively gain body – meaning you don’t need to rely on styling fine hair. Less use of styling tools equals less damage, so you’ll be supporting the health and beauty of your hair in a holistic way.

use a thickening shampoo and conditioner fine hair

1. Use a thickening shampoo & conditioner

When the hair fibre is weakened, strands can become fragile. Those with fine hair are especially vulnerable to a loss of density. By using shampoo and conditioner formulated to improve the strength of hair, you can encourage volume and thickness. Start with Densifique Bain Densitè Shampoo, which contains hyaluronic acid, gluco peptide and ceramides to strengthen the cuticle and prevent breakage. Follow with Densifique Fondant Densitè Conditioner to provide additional texture and enhance fibre integrity.  

lightweight hair oil for fine hair

2. Follow with hair oil

We've touched on the risks of heavier hair oils, but fine hair still has much to gain from hair oil’s nourishing qualities. Enter Soleil Huile Sirene Hair Oil Mist, our bi-phase oil mist that won’t weigh down fine hair strands. Containing Vitamin E from the Babassu oil, hair will become volumised and shinier. Use on damp or dry hair for enhanced body and feel.

implement mousse into your routine for fine hair

3. Implement mousse into your routine

A hair icon of the past, mousse has had a modern reboot. Particularly for those with fine hair, mousse can thicken and volumise strands whilst still allowing free-flowing movement. Mousse Bouffante contains Vitamin E to boost hair vitality, and also doubles as heat protectant. 

Other tips for styling fine hair

Fine hair volume can be achieved through the combination of a good hair routine and the right techniques. If enhancing the look and feel of your hair is a constant struggle, consider adopting these tips.

Ask your hair stylist for layers: light, long layering increases the volume of hair. If you’re game, getting a shorter cut will also reduce the weight of hair, allowing for more body and flow.

Be gentle when brushing: Overbrushing can cause damage to strands, eventuating in breakage and a loss of hair. Wet hair is more elasticised than dry hair, making it extra-prone to snapping. When blow-drying fine hair, ‘rough-dry’ with hands and only use a brush when your locks are at least 90% dry.

Focus on ends when styling: where you distribute your volumising products has a big effect on the result. For perfect fine hair volume, focus your attention on the middle to end sections of hair, and go lightly on your roots so as not to saturate them.

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