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How to Add Volume with Dry Shampoo

Find out how to apply Dry Shampoo to add volume to your hair. Low hassle with a natural boost of texture, discover the many benefits and uses of using a high-quality volumizing dry shampoo.

Certain life hacks stay with us forever. If you haven’t discovered the genius time-saver that is dry shampoo, consider this your sign. Most people are familiar with the refreshing benefits of dry shampoo, but there are a range of transformative and regenerative abilities that come with this product now too.

Whether you’re hoping to extend time between washes or improve the feel and volume of hair, adding a volumizing dry shampoo for hair to your repertoire goes beyond giving new life to good hair days.
To understand what dry shampoo is, how to apply it properly, and why it’s so good at giving new life and body to our locks, read on.


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What is dry shampoo?

You probably know dry shampoo best as a quick refresher. It mostly comes in the form of sprays but also powders, mists and pastes. Dry shampoo applies alcohol or starch-based ingredients to our roots, in order to reduce oil and sweat from our hair. The active ingredients work to soak up moisture, providing an alternative to wrapping hair in a bun between washes.


What does dry shampoo do to hair?

Over-styling and washing hair can wreak havoc on the balance of our hair fibres, scalp and strands. Our scalp produces sebum, a natural oil which is an important part of the hair cycle. Styling and washing can strip or add oil – leading to flakiness and dryness or oiliness and even dandruff.

Dry shampoo helps to ease this because it encourages waiting between washes and allows locks to retain volume without everyday styling. Dry shampoo doesn’t replace the need to wash hair, but it helps hair to stay looking and feeling fresh and clean in-between washes.


How can dry shampoo benefit hair?

Earlier versions of dry shampoo really only had one purpose: to reduce the look and feel of oiliness in hair. Nowadays, dry shampoos can include active and restorative ingredients like beneficial oils and vitamins to actually enhance the health of hair. It also can be used as a hair volume product in between washes, perfect for those looking for some added texture. We’ve listed the main benefits of this product below.


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Refreshes oily or dry hair

When hair is feeling or appears to be tired, dull, or a little oily, dry shampoo is a time-saving and effective remedy. Oil or sweat is removed by its absorbent ingredients, like starch, silica, or clay. The result? Hair looks and feels both clean and refreshed. It is also the perfect solution for those with oily roots and dry ends, where it is important to find the perfect balance between washes. The compact size of dry shampoo also means that it can come along with you. That means no more greasiness from gym-trips or runs, and mid-day flatness in hair can be sorted easily.

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Dry shampoo adds volume to hair

For those with naturally thinner or flatter hair, a volumizing dry shampoo is a game-changer. Alongside providing a cleaner feel and look, the ingredients within dry shampoo can actually work to improve the volume of hair. Using dry shampoo for hair as a volume-builder will make your hair look naturally thicker while adding some texture to flat or thinner hair.

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Provides texture to hair

Fine hair can feel hard to style. If you’ve spent the morning curling your hair just to have those waves fall out by midday, volume dry shampoo could very well be your solution. Through the formula of the product, dry shampoo provides texture to hair, helping it to hold on to and maintain styles throughout the day.

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Enhances health of your hair with extra ingredients

Some dry shampoo for hair are formulated with extra ingredients to not only fight oils and provide volume, but also provide health benefits to your hair. The Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo is formulated with Vitamin E to prevent the hair and scalp from drying out. This hair care ingredient acts a deep moisturiser, reducing hair breakage and helping fight against oxidative aggressors. Learn more about the benefits of Vitamin E for hair.

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How to apply dry shampoo properly

The trick to gaining the benefits of dry shampoo is in the way you apply it. By using the right technique, dry shampoo can not only extend good hair but improve the quality of it.

Tip 1: Apply to the roots

When applying a volumizing dry shampoo, we recommend aiming for just the roots and scalp. Oiliness commonly occurs and starts at the roots, and therefore aiming for just these areas avoid wasting the product as well as preventing any weigh down that may occur by overspraying the dry shampoo on your ends.
To get to the roots, part and lift a section of your hair and spray the product underneath the section close to the roots. Do this to each section of the head until the product is distributed evenly through the roots. Follow with a light brush to remove any excess.

Tip 2: Don't spray too close to your head

Spraying too close to your head can cause a white residue to be left, even if the formula is a no residue formula. Spraying roughly 15 cm away from the head also allows the product to be equally distributed.

Tip 3: Lightly massage product into the scalp

The best way to blend a dry shampoo into the hair and ensure product is equally distributed is by gently massaging the product in the scalp after application. This will also help the dry shampoo add texture and volume to your roots.

Tip 4: Don't give up on washing your hair

As always, too much of a good thing is a reality. It might be tempting to reach for dry shampoo in place of washing hair, but it’s not a total replacement. Although it can extend the time between washes and improve hair strength, dry shampoo isn't your conditioner or shampoo. Make sure not to overuse it either – small amounts will go a long way in achieving shining, soft hair.


Fresh Affair Volumising Dry Shampoo

Our volumising dry shampoo is suitable for all hair types – which means soft and voluminous hair for everyone! By using rice starch, our Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil from hair and the scalp for added volume and refreshed locks. Alongside this, our advanced formula contains Vitamin E to enhance the health of your hair, and provides a sparkling neroli fragrance to uplift you throughout your day.




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