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how to style curtain bangs

How to Style Curtain Bangs

A defining style that always stays in fashion, curtain bangs are the universally complimentary haircut that can transform your face shape with just a few snips. Whether you’ve already made the leap or are building up the courage to do so, a curtain bangs hairstyle is an easy way to refresh your look.

While the cut requires relatively low maintenance, how to style curtain bangs for your hair type and face shape can take a little figuring out. As with all things hair there are golden rules for styling curtain bangs – once you know them you’ll be able to achieve perfect curtain bangs quickly and easily.

For the expert-approved tips and tricks – including how to blow dry curtain bangs or style using a straightener, read on. With the right shampoo and conditioner treatments and styling techniques, Your face-framing look will look on point every time from here on out.

what are curtain bangs

What are curtain bangs?

If you’ve yet to get the chop and are wondering how to word your request to a stylist, think about how you’d like bangs to sit against your face, and how you’d like to style your hair overall. To reflect different hair types and styling preferences, there are different varieties of a curtain bangs hair style. Some of those include:

  • Curly curtain bangs
    Those with curly or coily hair types usually have thicker hair strands, meaning that it can be difficult to keep locks in one place. Curly curtain bangs make free flowing movement look styled and chic.

  • 80s curtain bangs
    Finer and lighter hair types suit this iconic style. Separated into two sections, long wispy bangs provide volume and lift to those who can struggle to achieve body.
  • Relaxed curtain bangs
    For those with longer hair, relaxed curtain bangs are a subtle way to achieve a layered look. Long hair can often sit flat due to the weight, so relaxed curtain bangs provide the look of textured volume.

How to style curtain bangs

After washing, you’ll find that curtain bangs can dry differently each time. A good haircut should be able to keep your hairstyle together, but aftercare is needed to keep it in check. Ahead, our seamless curtain bangs hairstyle that can be achieved right before you head out and will stay put until your next wash.

Rough-dry hair

Always start by giving your hair type the support it needs – use shampoo and conditioner designed to address your hair goals and concerns. Once washed, don’t reach for the hair dryer or styling tool straight away. Hair is most elastic when wet, which means it’s more prone to breakage. Rough-dry your hair with a clean towel, scrunching it with your hands if aiming for curls or lift. Allow your hair to be at least 90% dried before styling.


Shape with styling product & tool

The shape you want to achieve will inform the styling tool that you use. If you prefer a natural flow, leave the styler and use a bodifying styling product instead. Mousse Bouffante plumps hair and provides volume whilst allowing hair to move freely. Apply to towel-dried hair from roots to ends for thicker hair with body. Otherwise, use the styling tool of your choice as follows:

  • How to blow dry curtain bangs: for volume and waves that bounce, go into your curtain bangs with a round brush and blow-dryer. To protect your hair against heated air, apply Nutritive Nectar Thermique Blow-Dry Cream first. Designed specifically around damage incurred from hairdryers, this thermo protecting cream also nourishes for a polished finish. Begin by drying your bangs – placing them across your forehead in both directions while doing so. Then, take a round brush, and moving it to the side away from your face, wrap your bangs into the brush and twist upwards, drying at the same time.

  • How to style curtain bangs with a straightener: a blown-out curtain bangs hairstyle is still achievable even if you don’t have time to blow dry. The heat from straighteners can cause split ends, breakage and faded colour, so always start with a protective anti-breakage spray like Genesis Defense Thermique Anti-Breakage Blowdry Spray. Once hair has dried, place the straightener near the roots, and moving in the direction away from your face, curl the straightener around.

  • How to style curtain bangs with rollers: starting with the Nutritive Nectar Thermique Blow-Dry Cream, place a roller under your bangs and roll up, before keeping it in place with pins. After sectioning and repeating the steps on the rest of your hair, blow-dry to heat hair up and leave for at least 15 minutes.


how to maintain curtain bangs hairstyle

How to maintain a curtain bangs hairstyle

Though curtain bangs are a great option for effortless style, they can be affected by hot days, sweat or wind. The aim with how to style curtain bangs is to provide bounce and movement. To keep your bangs fresh between washes, use the revitalising Fresh Affair – Dry Shampoo. Alongside that, keep your curtain bangs stylish with frequent trims and nourished with regular use of a hair mask.


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