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How to Use Hair Clay for Men

There’s an array of styling products suited to achieving different men’s hairstyles, but if you want a formula that’s effective for a variety of looks, hair clay could be what you’re looking for. A quality hair clay strikes the balance between lasting hold and a lightweight feel while being able to deliver both slick styles and tousled just-woke-up perfection. Ahead, discover our favourite tips for how to style with hair clay, and answers to common questions like “can I use hair clay every day?”

What hair clay?

Unlike pomade, which works well for specific hairstyles, and hair paste, which can feel heavy, hair clay is a lightweight option, adaptable to your needs. Hair clay has a thick, waxy texture effective for styling any hair type, so if you’re wondering “is clay good for thin hair?” The answer is a resounding yes.
The clay ingredient in this kind of styling product interacts with moisture in the hair fibre to make each strand appear plumper. So, when applied to slightly damp hair, the Cire d’Épaisseur Texturisante can help achieve the look of a lusciously thick mane. Formulated with creatine, this hair clay has strengthening properties and can improve elasticity while delivering additional benefits of UV protection for hair.

How to style with hair clay in 4 steps

Hair clay for men is one of the most versatile styling formulas and can create the appearance of a fuller mane, especially when used alongside other products in the Genesis Homme collection. Its texture is distinct from other styling products, so it can take some practice to achieve your desired hairstyle with clay. When it comes to how to apply hair clay, we recommend following a simple 4-step process:
1. Prepare your hair
2. Warm the product
3. Style
4. Finishing touches

Let's delve into each of these steps a little further.

Styling the Genesis Homme Clay

Step 3: Style

When learning how to apply hair clay, evenly applying the formula through all of your strands is important to achieve maximum hold. Starting at the roots, finger rake the hair clay through lengths, working the formula through to the hair ends – this helps to avoid visible product. Once the hair clay is evenly and thoroughly dispersed through your mane, start shaping your hair into your desired style. It might be beneficial to use a comb to help with this step, or use your hands for a more dynamic, tousled style.

finishing styling touches

Step 4: Finishing touches

Once you’ve achieved the general shape of your desired hairstyle, it’s time to pay attention to smaller details. Pull out and twist small sections of hair to achieve a slightly ruffled look with some movement, or use a fine-toothed comb to smooth out your locks for more sleek hairstyle. Whether you have a thick head of hair or thin strands that tend to fall out of place, the texture of hair clay provides ideal hold no matter what. If you are worried about your hair’s ability to hold a style, finish with a mist of hair spray for extra confidence in the lasting power of your look. 

Now you’re ready to create any hairstyle with hair clay for men, discover our hair care collections to find the products that can best benefit your locks.

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