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Hollywood Glam Waves

Whether you have a gala or just a girl’s night out, the voluminous
curves and stunning shine that come together in this classic
blowout, will get you noticed.

Step 1

Apply one of our Kerastase Thermiques onto damp hair and blow dry with a paddle brush.

Step 2

Make a side part and divide hair into 4 sections: 2 on the side of the face and 2 in the back.

Step 3

Spray hair spray all over, strand by strand.

Step 4

Curl both back sections in one direction. Curl the front sections in opposite directions, starting from the back of the ears. Pro - tip: Hold the curling iron vertically for more natural curls.

Step 5

Rake fingers through the hair to get rid of structured ringlets.

Step 6

Brush hair using an oval brush.

Step 7

Spray hair spray for a perfect finish.

Hollywood Glam Waves Hairstyle Routine

Discover the products that will help you were those beautiful Hollywood Glam Waves.
This routine is for normal to thick hair.

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