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Hair Treatments

Take your hair regime to the next level with Kérastase hair treatment products. Whether you are looking to repair hair, or it is just in need of some extra TLC, Kerastase's expertly crafted range of hair treatments will help nourish, restore and tackle your hair concerns. Find the best treatment for hair with Kérastase Australia.

Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

7 products
7 products
Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil

Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil

Our iconic beautifying hair oil that nourishes, tames frizz and seals split ends for shiny, healthy hair.

Old price New price A$80.00
One size available for Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil
100 ml
Genesis Anti-Hair Fall Fortifying Hair Serum

Genesis Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant

Daily fortifying serum for weakened hair that is prone to falling due to breakage from brushing.

Old price New price from A$49.00
Chroma Absolu Soin Acid High Shine Treatment for Coloured Hair

Chroma Absolu Soin Acid High Shine Treatment for Coloured Hair

Chroma Absolu's Soin Acide Chroma Gloss is a hair gloss treatment formulated for sensitised or damaged colour treated hair. The hair shine treatment deeply cares for fibre while transforming and sealing the surface for extremely healthy hair & long-lasting colour. Discover our revolutionary treatment for coloured hair and never compromise your coloured hair again.

Old price New price A$64.00
One size available for Chroma Absolu Soin Acid High Shine Treatment for Coloured Hair

Chronologiste Thermique Régénérant Leave-In Spray

Chronologiste Thermique Régénérant is youth revitalising blow-dry care for lengths and ends.

Old price New price from A$75.00

Densifique Cure Densité Scalp Treatment for Women

Hair density treatment with Stemoxydine 5%: looks becomes denser & thicker.

Old price New price from A$182.00

Nutritive Scalp Food Hydrating Scalp Serum

A powerful scalp vitamin serum that regulates and protects scalp's skin hydration levels.
The Nutritive Scalp Food Serum provides immediate hydration for the scalp to improve comfort and provide nutrition at the follicle level for nourished, shiny and healthy ends.

Old price New price from A$92.00

Achieve Healthy Hair with Kérastase Hair Treatment Products

With so many things that can cause damaged hair, a hair treatment can be used to repair, hydrate and boost hair's overall health. Kerastase Australia has expertly curated hair serums, hair oils and hair masks to create the best selection of hair treatment products. Whether you are looking to repair frizz, or just in need of some TLC, Kérastase hair treatments will target your concerns and help you be on your way for exceptional hair.

A Hair Treatment For Any Concern

At Kérastase, we understand that everyone's hair is different and there will be no same fix for everyone. Depending on your hair concern and level of damage, Kérastase’s collection of hair treatments can help you build a targeted hair regime so you can achieve your hair goals. Our hair treatment products are designed for different hair types and concerns like curly hair, frizz or breakage, so you can tailor your hair routine to the needs of your hair. Backed by science and innovation, our hair treatment formulas use premium ingredients to completely transform the health of your hair. Whether you are looking for a nourishing hair treatment, or one to tame your frizz, shop Kérastase treatment for hair now!

Leave-In Hair Treatments to Transform Your Hair

Kérastase leave in treatments include our powerful hair serums and hair oils that are typically applied at the end of your hair care routine. Leave in treatments are a great way to restore hair's health while enhancing the appearance of your hair. The Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil is our iconic hair treatment, formulated with Marula Oil, Camellia Oil and Argan oil to strengthen the hair & promote shiny, glossy hair. If you are looking for an overnight leave-in hair treatment, try our best-selling Nutritive 8HR Magic Night Hair Serum. Apply the hair treatment before going to bed, to give a nourishing boost for all dry hair types. Shop Kerastase treatments for hair to find the best leave-in hair treatments now.

What is The Best Hair Treatment Product For Me?

The best way to find the perfect hair treatment for your hair is by undergoing a thorough hair diagnosis. At Kerastase, we offer both online and in-salon hair diagnosis service to help you create a hair care regime that is catered to the unique needs of your hair. Online, you can complete our hair quiz which will provide you with a hair diagnosis and a complete regime including the best hair treatment for you. We also recommend visiting a Kerastase hair salon to receive a hair diagnosis by a hair professional. Based on your diagnosis, you will then be able to experience our Fusio-Dose in salon treatment to truly transform the health of your hair. Personalise your routine and find the best hair treatment for your hair with Kérastase.

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