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What is keratin and what does it do for hair?

Keratin For Hair: The Benefits of Keratin Hair Products & Treatments

Used routinely in salon treatments, you’ve likely heard of keratin treatments for hair. An incredibly popular ingredient in the industry, using keratin for hair strengthens and reduces frizz and improves overall feel and look. For optimised smoothness and shine, industry experts use keratin when hair requires a restorative solution.

Between salon appointments, your hair’s silkiness and shine is dependent on the hair care and routine you use at home. To maintain continuous bounce and flow, we recommend implementing an at-home keratin hair products. Applying this naturally occurring protein to damaged hair will help to achieve outstanding results and long-term benefits for every hair type.

To know how this ingredient can address your hair goals, it helps to understand what keratin does for hair at a structural level. We detail how you can implement a proactive keratin routine at home. Read on to discover our luxurious keratin range Discipline, for stunning hair every day. 

What is keratin?

What is keratin?

Healthy hair (as well as nails) derives its strength from keratin. Produced naturally by our bodies, this fibrous protein forms each strand and maintains the strength of outer layers. Hair is made up of a shaft or strand and the follicle which sits under skin. As hair grows, keratin acts as a protective compound and supports the lifespan of each strand.

Strong hair that maintains growth without breakage is ‘keratinised’. For increased strength and shine, this hero ingredient can be used in a number of ways. Methods of keratin treatment include salon infusions – sometimes called a ‘Brazilian Blowout’. Keratin supplements are also commonly used. Finally, at-home keratin hair products like shampoos, conditioners and serums can be used to noticeably improve hair without the use of harmful chemicals.

Keratin benefits for hair

Damaged hair can result from a range of factors – and is ultimately hard to avoid. Styling tools like straighteners and hairdryers, dry weather, colour treatments and brushing styles all contribute to breakage and coarseness. To counteract this, proteins like keratin can be applied to restrengthen strands and give back vitality to hair. By using this powerful ingredient in topical products, the damaged cells in hair absorb the protein, regaining gloss and bounce. Benefits from a keratin shampoo and conditioner include:

Increased softness and shine
Keratin for hair smooths the hair cuticle and fills in any damaged areas of the shaft, resulting in smoother, glossier hair.

Reduced frizz
Using keratin hair products can reduce the appearance of frizz by smoothing the cuticle, making hair manageable and smoother.

Reduced appearance of split-ends
By strengthening and smoothing the hair cuticle back together, the appearance of split-ends are reduced. Stronger lengths also means less breakage and improved hair growth.

Strengthens Hair
Keratin is known for its powerful ability to strengthen lengths. Use Keratin hair products to reinforce the strands, to improves strength, reduce breakage and repair damaged hair.

Detangled locks
Manageable, smooth hair will help make your detangling efforts easier. Being able to brush through hair easily will help prevent damage from brushing your hair.

Easier styling
With less frizz, increased shine and no tangles, styling your hair will become a breeze!

At home kertin treatment

At-home keratin hair products

Beautiful hair requires potent routines that protect against everyday damage. To maintain a glossy mane with natural flow and movement, it’s important to instate at-home care alongside your salon appointments. Adding keratin for hair to your weekly routine ensures hair will appear and feel its best. Below, we detail our luxurious keratin treatment routine for simplified and long-term beauty.

1. Cleanse with a keratin shampoo

To detangle, de-frizz and smooth out hair, a cleansing shampoo is used as the first step. Discipline Bain Fluidèaliste Deluxe Gentle Shampoo is sulphate-free and employs Morpho-Kèratine™ - a morpho-constituing agent combined with surface-morphing polymers. This keratin shampoo coats each hair fibre, restoring solidity to strands for uniformly smoothed hair. Ideal for colour treated hair.


To apply:  Massage a hazelnut sized amount to wet hair and scalp and use fingers to cleanse scalp, before rinsing thoroughly.


2. Strengthen with a keratin conditioner

Your conditioner is used to smooth, soften and increase shine. For fluid movement and all-over weightlessness, apply a keratin conditioner like Discipline Fondant Fluidèaliste Conditioner. Infused with Morpho-Kèratine™ Complex and softening agents, our conditioner provides softness and uniformity to hair fibres. The inclusion of lipids (fats) encourages shine, manageability and strength.


To apply: Massage a hazelnut sized amount into wet hair and leave for 2-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.


3. Protect against styling

Extreme heat from styling tools is a major cause of hair breakage and split ends. When hair becomes dry and weakened, the outer layer of strands can become damaged, affecting the shape, feel and appearance of hair. To style often without sacrificing hair health, a heat protectant is essential. Discipline Kèratine Thermique Heat Styling Protectant uses keratin benefits to strengthen hair and reduce breakage. Applied before styling, this taming milk provides thermo-protection up to 180°C and offers a shiny finish for hair. 


To apply: To towel-dried hair, apply a hazelnut sized amount and detangle with a comb. Blow dry before styling, then heat style as usual.

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