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Hair Masks VS Conditioners

When your hair could use a little love, there’s no need to head straight for the salon. Hair masks and fondants or conditioners are your answer to hydrated and revived locks and are super easy and quick to use. Not sure how to differentiate between the two products? We’ve broken down the key differences in hair masks and conditioners and explained how each product can benefit your hair type.

Whether your hair is newly coloured, or you want to improve the strength and shine of your mane, fondants or conditioners and hair masks can target your specific goals. For rejuvenated and healthy hair that may cause your friends to ask which salon you’ve stepped out of, read our helpful guide to conditioners and hair masks below.

What are fondants?

Fondants are most simply understood as nutritional conditioners. They share the same texture and consistency as conditioners, and double as hair treatments. Reach for them to help restore breakage, dryness and processed hair. What makes fondants so potent is the nutritional ingredients that they contain. Fondants utilise extracts like acids and ceramides to intensely hydrate hair from roots to tips. If your hair type is fine to medium, fondants are a perfect solution to increasing the natural strength of your locks.

How to use fondants?

One of the best things about fondants is their quick application time. You only need to leave in this hero product for around 2 minutes before rinsing out. This makes fondants an ideal solution for those who want shiny, happy hair without the hassle or lengthy routine. Always apply fondants to wet hair and after shampooing.

Résistance Fondant Extentioniste Conditioner

For those seeking a product that will aid in detangling and strengthening tips, fondants can really help. For complete detangling, try our Résistance Fondant Extentioniste Conditioner. The unique blend of Creatine R (an amino acid) and Acid Maleic seals hair cuticles for knot-free and smooth locks.

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Nutritive Lair Vital Conditioner

Anytime hair could use quick hydration, use a fondant after shampooing. Our Nutritive Fondant Magistral Conditioner uses niacinamide and plant-based proteins to deeply nourish even the most stressed out and dry hair.

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What are Hair Masks?


Hair masks are similar to fondants in that their potent ingredients directly nourish and restore hair. The key ways that they differ from fondants is their application style and the texture of their formulas. Hair masks are thicker and usually need to be left in for a minimum of 5 minutes, at the end of your routine. For those with medium to thick hair, using a hair mask will fortify and strengthen those sometimes unruly locks.


How to use Hair Masks?


Because of their luxuriously thick texture, hair masks should only be applied onto the lengths and ends of hair. This allows your roots to keep their body and focuses the nourishing effects of your mask where it’s needed most. Apply hair masks onto shampooed and towel dried hair and leave in for around 5 minutes, before completely rinsing out. Your hair will feel supple and renewed.



Genesis Masque Reconsituant Hair Mask

Hair that’s prone to falling out is usually caused by weakened strands. To prevent this, look for hair masks that target and enrich the fibres of your hair. Our Genesis Masque Reconsituant Hair Mask is the perfect hair mask for fine hair or for the treatment of breakage. It boosts your natural shine through the use of Edelweiss native cells and ginger root.

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Nutritive Masquintense Riche Hair Mask

Hair feeling dry? Using a 5-minute hair mask treatment like our Nutritive Masquintense Riche Hair Mask will restore its glory and have you feeling on top of the world. The supple texture deeply hydrates dry or damaged hair, and leaves your locks shining.

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Blonde Absolu Ultra-Violet Hair Mask

If you’ve made the exciting decision to go blonde, the right aftercare will ensure that your shade stays salon-bright. Treated hair also benefits from extra hydration, so investing in a hair mask for blonde hair will help your new tone go from strength to strength. For blonde-dyed hair, use a purple mask like our Blond Absolu Ultra-Violet Hair Mask. The powerful combination of hyaluronic acid, edelweiss flower and ultra violet neutralisers prevents brassiness and unwanted yellow tones, while nourishing the fibres of treated hair.

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Now that you’ve learnt about the amazing benefits of fondants and hair masks and how to use them, find out about the best routine for long hair lengths. Growing healthy and luxuriously long hair takes patience, so read on to learn the vital steps to get to your goal of healthy, long hair faster.




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