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Products for Oily Hair

Formulated to help target oily roots, Kérastase hair products for oily scalp and dry ends will help balance the scalp, protect the hair from external aggressors while ensuring the ends remain hydrated and nourished. Discover the Kérastase range of serums, hair masks and shampoo for oily hair to address greasy roots and dry ends with enhanced nourishment.

Oily Scalp

Oily Scalp

5 products
5 products

Spécifique Argile Équilibrante Hair Cleanser Clay Shampoo for Oily Hair

Weekly purifying clay scalp cleanser for oily hair, dry ends. Formulated with Amino Acid and Kaolin clay for hair, the clay shampoo cleanses the scalp while the ends are left feeling nourished and healthy. Experience the Kerastase cleansing clay for a truly balanced scalp.

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250 ml

Spécifique Balancing Shampoo for Oily Scalp, Dry Ends

Balancing shampoo for oily roots, dry ends. Kérastase Bain Divalent cleanses and purifies the scalp without drying out the ends. This will help balance your oily scalp and dry ends for nourished, healthy hair and scalp.

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One size available
250 ml

Spécifique Serum Potentialiste Vitamin C Hair and Scalp Serum

Universal defense hair serum for sensitive scalps. The Kerastase Potentialiste Hair & Scalp serum fights scalp imbalances and protects scalp from external damages. The result: this Vitamin c serum for hair will leave your scalp feeling fresh, healthier and stronger.

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One size available
90 ml

Spécifique Masque Rehydratant Hydrating Mask

Intense rehydrating hair mask for oily scalp and dry ends. The Kérastase Specifique Masque Rehydratant relieves fibre thirst in sensitised and dehydrated lengths for healthy, hydrated hair.

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One size available
200 ml

Spécifique Regime For Oily Scalp

Balance oily scalp and dry ends with the complete Spécifique regime.

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Kérastase Products for Oily Hair

The best hair products for oily scalp, dry ends are those that will help maintain a healthy, balanced scalp. An unbalanced scalp can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics and long waits between washed, but also lifestyle and environmental factors that can lead to the overproduction of oil. Kérastase Spécifique Divalent hair care for oily hair will help cleanse, protect and balance the scalp while ensuring the lengths are never compromised. This scalp care collections includes innovative products for oily hair and scalp to help ease the stress of greasy roots so you can be your best you.

Shampoo for Oily Hair

If you suffer from oily hair, you will need a shampoo for oily hair that purifies and cleanses the scalp to rid of any excess oils and balance oil production. The Kérastase Specifique Bain Divalent Balancing Shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo for oily hair that balances the oil at the roots while keeping the ends nourished. This shampoo for oily hair can be used as your daily shampoo to maintain balance and health of hair and scalp, making it a must-have in your hair care for oily hair collection.

Other Products to Help with Oily Hair

If you are looking for products to help with oily hair, Kérastase Specifique Divalent has you covered. This innovative range focuses on scalp care that gets to the root of the problem (no pun intended!). The Kérastase Clay Detox for Hair uses Kaolin Clay which is a powerful scalp care ingredient that draws out impurities, detoxes the scalp and cleanses from any buildup. Use once a week in place of the Bain Divalent shampoo for oily hair to experience powerful results.

The Specifique Rehydratant Hydrating Hair Mask is another must-have for those looking for hair products for oily scalp and dry ends. When used in conjunction with the Specifique Divalent Cleansing Clay and Shampoo, this nourishing hair mask intensely hydrates ends to ensure your ends receive essential nourishment without weigh-down.

Looking for more all-to-important scalp care products? The Potentialiste Vitamin C Serum For Hair is an innovative soothing serum that will help target the scalp to fight any imbalances while protecting it from further external damage. After the 3-week course, your scalp will feel fresh, healthier and stronger.

Shop Kérastase Oily Hair Essentials and discover the best hair products for oily hair, dry ends now.

For extra information on why your scalp is oily, read our guide on How to Treat an Oily Scalp.

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