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Ultimate serum for hair fall treatment

The Ultime Hair Fall Treatment Serum

Hair breakage and fall can be incredibly disappointing, wreaking havoc on your confidence if not managed. The way we style, cut or colour our hair is a way for us to express ourselves, and when we face excessive hair fall, it can be easy to feel as if we are losing ourselves.

Thankfully, there are ways you can manage your loss of hair. By identifying the reasons for your hair breakage, using industry-leading hair strengthening treatments, and adopting healthy hair habits, you can minimise the severity of your hair fall and encourage healthy new hair growth.


What causes hair fall?

If you notice the following issues with your hair, you may benefit from an anti-hair fall treatment:

  • Split ends
  • Short, broken pieces of hair
  • Excessive tangling
  • Hair feeling rough

Hair breakage causes can vary immensely, ranging from your inner health to the products you apply to your hair. In some cases, hair fall could be a result of underlying medical conditions like hypothyroidism or alopecia, so if the below steps do not assist you, consider speaking to a medical professional.

Poor diet

We truly are what we eat, and sometimes our hair fall can be attributed to a poor diet. Zinc, iron, folic acid, protein and antioxidants are all essential for healthy hair, and a deficiency can result in brittle strands.

High-stress levels

Stress can lead to hair breakage, causing your follicles to go dormant and break off in the middle of their growth cycle. If your hair fall has come on suddenly or you are otherwise young and healthy, stress could be the culprit.

Heat damage

Excessive use of heat tools can cause dryness, breakage and damage, while also exaggerating the appearance of split ends. The end result could be damaged cuticles that require protein rebuilding.


If you love staying clean, it could be possible that you are overwashing your hair and causing damage. This is because you’re stripping your skin of its natural oils and likely using too much product too.

ultimate serum hair fall treatment

How to treat hair breakage with Genesis

Aside from managing the hair breakage causes listed above, it’s imperative to seek out a nourishing hair fall treatment. The answer lies in the Genesis Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant. This daily hair fall serum is a saviour for weak, damaged strands, boasting the restorative powers of Aminexil, Edelweiss Native Cells and Ginger Root.

Aminexil works to widen the blood vessels and promote blood flow to the hair follicles. Edelweiss is high in antioxidants and promotes thicker hair, while Ginger Root improves scalp circulation and strengthens your strands. The end result is reduced hair fall and healthy hair growth.

After just six weeks of use, your hair may appear fuller and your scalp will gain a protective barrier. Our Genesis Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant has also been shown to reduce itchiness and discomfort.

To enjoy the benefits of this hair fall serum:

  • Apply four doses to dry or towel-dried hair section by section
  • Massage gently into the scalp and leave it in to work its magic
  • Repeat application once a day for six weeks, either in the morning or evening
  • Follow with Genesis Defense Thermique Anti-Breakage Blowdry Spray if styling

For a complete hair care routine, explore the entire Genesis collection or use the Genesis Ampoules Cure Anti-Chute Fortifiantes for intensive treatment.


How to stop hair fall with healthy habits

In addition to using specially formulated products, it’s worth developing healthy hair habits and routines to enjoy ongoing hair growth and strength.

1. Minimise your use of heat tools

Refresh your locks by minimising your use of heat tools or using the ‘cool’ setting when possible. If you do need to continue using heat tools, consider opting for ceramic appliances - these heat up more evenly and are therefore less likely to overheat one section of your hair. Applying a primer or protective spray to your hair before using heat is also essential, as it forms a protective barrier over your hair cuticles and seals in moisture.


2. Wash according to your hair type

Most people don’t need to wash their hair every day. If your hair is extremely dry, you may only need to shampoo it once a week. Normal hair types should wash their hair a few times a week, while oily types may need a daily wash, particularly after exercise or a day in the sun. If you feel like your hair still needs a daily rinse, try running water through it and applying conditioner to the ends, skipping the shampoo altogether.


3. Get regular trims

While it may seem counterintuitive, trimming your breakage-prone hair is actually beneficial. Cuticle splits can travel up the rest of your strands, wreaking havoc along the way. Trimming split ends helps you maintain a refreshed appearance and also encourages your hair to focus on growing new, healthy cells.

It’s never too late to revive your locks. Read up on the common causes of hair for further hair care tips and guidance.  

ultimate hair fall serum

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