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The Benefits of Anti-Ageing Hair Care

The last few years have seen anti-ageing skincare at the forefront of the beauty world – but what about anti-ageing hair care benefits? If you’ve noticed a change in the condition and appearance of your locks, or if you want to preserve youthful hair, it’s important to understand the evolution of hair as you age. Adopting a routine with ingredients targeted at supporting hair health can have a significant impact on volume and shine. Read on for our expert-approved advice on ageing hair. We answer frequently asked questions like ‘does hair change texture as you age?’, and reveal your ideal anti-ageing hair care routine using the Kérastase Chronologiste anti-ageing hair care collection.

The evolution of hair as you age

Just like skin, hair evolves over time. So how does your hair change as you get older? Internal elements like hormones can affect hair texture and lead to thinning hair as you age, but external factors have an impact on your hair too. Free radicals caused by aggressors like sun exposure and pollution can influence the look of ageing hair. Here’s what different components mean for your hair:

  • Proteins contribute to fullness, bounce and the shiny look of hair.
  • Melatonin in the hair can help stimulate growth, so depletion can slow growth and contribute to hair loss.
  • Moisture works alongside proteins to give your hair elasticity.
  • Melanin production slows with age, resulting in the change of hair colour to grey.

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Our 3-step guide to anti-ageing hair care

Embarking on a new hair journey can be daunting, but discovering the right routine to support your hair goals is thankfully simple. To understand how to make hair look younger, look to high quality ageing hair products. Certain ingredients can revitalise and enhance the look of youthful locks – and promote fullness, shine and bounce. To simplify the process, our range of hair products for ageing hair are specifically designed to encourage hair health as you age. The four-step Kérastase Chronologiste anti-ageing hair care routine can help restore the hair fibre and promote density, volume, hydration, and shine.

Now that you know the benefits of anti-ageing hair care, read on to learn how to stop hair breakage and strengthen hair.

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