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Diagnostic Hair Quiz


In a few questions, Kérastase helps you analyze your unique hair concerns & goals in order to recommend you the perfect care for your hair.

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Take the 2 minute hair quiz to build a regime of the best products for your hair type and concerns.


With an extensive collection of Kérastase shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments at your fingertips, it may be hard to decide which Kérastase product is right for you.

Our sophisticated hair care routine quiz is based on an advanced algorithm, to provide you with a complete regime suitable for your hair type and concerns. Develop a routine that improves the health of your hair and targets your concerns now with the Kérastase hair care product quiz.

Find the Best Products For Your hair in 2 Minutes

Finding the best hair product for your hair is easy with the Kérastase hair routine quiz. Simply answer questions about your hair type, hair concerns and environment and in 2 minutes you'll receive a personalised regime suited to your hair needs.

Step 1: Diagnose Your Hair

The Kérastase online hair product quiz takes the professional diagnosis process out of the stylist’s chair and into your hands. It gives you the professional guidance you need to perform a thorough check-in with your hair and your hair goals, using the same process your stylist does when you visit the salon.
It’s self-care with a professional protocol—thorough, yet fast. With easy guidance and a friendly interface, the hair care routine quiz evaluation can be done in 2 minutes. ​


That's why we've cooked up a cutting-edge online hair diagnostic tool.

It's not just another tech thing; it's a fast, enjoyable way to spill the tea on your hair issues and snag a complete hair routine in just 2 minutes.

In a rapid yet thorough process, we'll scoop up all the deets about your hair type, condition, worries, and lifestyle, paving the way to your most fabulous and healthy hair journey.
And yes, you can snap up our recommendations in a snap.

The results? Hair transformation vibes, are guaranteed!

Step 2: Receive a Comprehensive Hair Care Regime

After you have answered questions based on your current hair condition, hair type, concerns and environment the hair quiz will provide a tailor-made hair care routine that you can follow at home.
Explore Kérastase hair product recommendations you can order immediately. Take the hair product recommendation quiz anywhere whenever you have a moment - no salon visit is required. You're on your way to hair bliss, and all you did was pick up your smartphone!​

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The Importance of a Custom Hair Diagnosis

Since 1964, Kérastase has applied the powerful principle of proper hair diagnosis to luxury hair care. The approach was a game changer then, and it remains a crucial part of our hair methodology. We believe hair evaluation is even more relevant in the modern world. Our fast-paced lives and varied environments bring constant changes to our hair. The only way to keep up is to check in regularly and tune in to what the hair needs. To make hair diagnosis more accessible and ensure everyone can receive a hair evaluation, we made the Kérastase hair care routine quiz available online. Just answer the questions regarding hair type, hair concerns and your environment to receive a comprehensive hair care routine.

Diagnose Your Hair With The Kérastase Hair Quiz

To help our customers at home receive a hair diagnosis, we created a sophisticated online hair product quiz that uses an advanced algorithm to cross-examine your hair type and hair concerns. It’s a fun, easy hair quiz that will recommend you a comprehensive hair routine in about 2 minutes. In a quick yet thorough process, we'll gather everything we need to know about your texture, condition, concerns and lifestyle to get you on your way to your healthiest, most beautiful hair yet. Shop our hair product recommendations instantly. The results can be completely hair-changing! What are you waiting for? Take the hair product quiz now.

Why Take Our Online Hair Care Quiz?

Taking our online hair care quiz will help you take your hair game to the next level all in 2 minutes! By answering a few questions, the hair quiz will provide you with a recommended regime structure, as well as Kérastase products that best suit the condition and type of your hair.

Personalised Hair Care Routine

With an advanced algorithm, the hair care quiz will cross-examine your hair type and concerns to provide the best hair care routine for your needs. Learn which steps need to be taken to take your hair regime to new heights, whether that's adding a night time step to your hair care or implementing a heat protectant. Try the hair routine quiz now and see the results!

Best Hair Product Recommendations

Never wonder what Kérastase product you should use again thanks to the Kérastase quiz for hair! The algorithm will use your results to determine the best shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments for your hair. Whether you have blonde hair, curly hair or hair concerns like damage, the hair product recommendation quiz will put you on track to finding the best Kérastase products for your needs.

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