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How to Repair Damaged Hair

Colouring, styling and even everyday stress can result in dulled and dry damaged hair. For renewed shine and strength, discover how to fix damaged hair with the professional Résistance range.

Your damaged hair guide

Most people experience damaged hair to some extent. Dryness, split ends, brittle texture and dulled colour all reflect weakened fibres and hair stress. When it does occur, high-quality haircare can help you take back control. Protect future growth and lock in beauty with Kérastase for damaged hair.

What causes dry damaged hair?

Busy lives, frequent colour changes and everyday environmental stress all play a part in hair fatigue. Over time and without the right support, dry damaged hair can result. To create a damaged hair solution tailored to you, see which factors apply to your hair.

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Professional and at-home dyes allow us to make big transformations whenever we like. Highlights, balayage and whole-head bleaches all alter hair’s protein structure and can result in damaged hair cuticles. The right aftercare treatments and routines are needed to prevent colour loss alongside breakage.

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Heated stylers

Heated stylers are universally-loved – and are a part of many of our daily routines. It’s no secret however that the heat from our favourite tools compromises hair health. Frequent use of straighteners, curlers and dryers changes the shape of hair’s keratin strands, exposing the inner cortex and leading to dry and weak hair. Caring for damaged hair includes use application of heat protectants and rest periods from tools.

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Alongside behavioural stress, dry damaged hair can result from the weather in all seasons. In winter, cold conditions can dry out the scalp, leading to discomfort and weakened strands. Humid weather can bloat strands, and UV radiation throughout the year can reduce moisture. Proper sun protection such as caps and sunscreen along the hairline can help to repair damaged hair.

Want to repair your split ends?

Split ends are a sign of damaged cuticles and can travel up strands without proper care. Everyone faces them from time to time, but by adopting some easy habits and exploring a new hair regime, you will be on your way to healthy hair. Explore how to repair this damaged hair symptom with our 'How To Get Rid of Split Ends' guide.

How To Fix Damaged Hair

To get on top of everyday stress, luxurious and nourishing products can be implemented alongside healthy habits. View our holistic damaged hair solution below.

1. Use Fewer Heat Styling Tools

A key part of caring for damaged hair is rest. If you don’t leave home without using heated stylers, this is your sign to lessen use for a little while. Dry damaged hair can struggle to retain hydration – allowing time between heat styling can support moisture retention. When you do use tools, ensure strand structure is protected with a heat protectant like Résistance Ciment Thermique Blow-Dry Cream.

2. Adopt A Repairing Hair Care Routine

Adjustments to your hair routine are most likely needed to repair damaged hair. Dehydrated strands and compromised hair structure require intense nourishment and potently supportive ingredients. For how to fix damaged hair, commitment to reparative products and routines is key. The Résistance range from Kérastase for damaged hair can help return moisture to overprocessed and over-styled hair.

3. Use Treatments Regularly

Just like with skincare, weekly to fortnightly treatments can be used to further hydrate and strengthen dry damaged hair. The skincare-inspired approach of Kérastase haircare products infuses each step with efficacious ingredients. When caring for damaged hair, the inclusion of extra nourishing products like hair masks alongside hair oils and serums can help fortify strands for flow and shine.

4. Consider an In-Salon Treatment

Professional stylists can help your hair repair journey. If looking to repair damaged hair before changing shades or want to know how to repair damaged hair that is particularly brittle, consider an intensive salon treatment. The Fusio-Dose In-Salon Hair Routine is our 4-step, tailored routine and is exclusively available from partner salons.

5. Wash Hair Less

Washing helps to purify the scalp and strands and re-implement ingredients like ceramides back into hair. There can be too much of a good thing though – washing hair more than 1-2 per week can strip hair of natural oils. Opt for sulfate-free formulas when supporting dry damaged hair and allow rest-time ,between washes.

Explore Kérastase For Damaged Hair

Goal: Promoting growth in weak, damaged hair

Résistance Extentioniste

Stimulate hair growth in slow-growing and damaged hair. Ceramides and creatine help achieve healthy, long lengths.

Goal: Reconstructing damaged hair for less hair breakage


With a focus on breakage in dry damaged hair, ingredients like resurrection plant sap help to reconstruct fibres for improved resistance.

Damaged Hair Must Have


Our damaged hair care collection is full of hair repair shampoos, conditioners and more to rebuild weak hair and damaged hair while restoring the hair fiber. Use this hair collection to repaire the effects of heat styling and prevent hair breakage in over-processed hair.

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Fusio-Dose In Salon

Learn about the signature in-salon service that transforms hair quality in under 3 minutes.

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