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The Best Ingredients & Vitamins for Hair

Haircare routines should function like skincare – and that goes for the ingredients used too. The best ingredients for hair protect and strengthen strands at their core. From hair care vitamins for scalp health to shampoo ingredients that improve shine, discover your personalised regime.

Why Should You Care About Hair Care Ingredients?

Your hair is unique. From your hair type to the stressors you encounter each day, taking care of hair requires a personalised approach. Kérastase formulations combine specific vitamins for hair, to treat a range of concerns and goals. For hair that is dry and damaged, in need of colour protection, or experiencing hair loss, find the best vitamins for hair alongside other ingredients.

What is skincare-inspired haircare?

Skincare-inspired haircare refers to the usage of ingredients that first rose to prominence in skincare products. Once just an afterthought, the importance of hair and scalp care is now becoming clear to more and more people, which has prompted the use of advanced formulations and powerful ingredients in haircare.

It turns out that just like your face, your hair and scalp require a thorough routine consisting of exfoliation, cleansing and conditioning. When we don’t take a tailored approach to our scalp and haircare, we can risk product build-up and clogged follicles, which can then lead to chronic scalp and hair conditions. By creating a tailored haircare routine, you’ll be able to treat the underlying causes of common hair issues like dandruff or hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

When you consider the fact that the scalp has the same biological composition as the rest of our skin, it makes perfect sense to integrate skincare-inspired haircare into your routine. Here are some of our favourite products and ingredients.

Ingredients and Vitamins In Hair Care

Inspired by skincare and the power of nature, explore our haircare ingredients and glossary.

vitamin c ingredient

Vitamin C

A potent and protective vitamin for hair, known for its ability to support scalp health and boost hair shine.

vitamin e pods

Vitamin E

One of the best vitamins for hair growth, its antioxidant properties can also promote a healthy scalp.

argan oil seeds

Argan Oil

A cult favourite shampoo and conditioner ingredient, used to moisturise and fortify the scalp and strands.

latic acid in viles

Latic Acid

An exfoliator for the scalp, which works by breaking down dead skin cells and removing product build-up.

ceramide serum texture


One of the best ingredients for hair damage repair, used to help improve the structure of strands.

manuka honeycomb

Manuka Honey

A humectant which draws moisture to hair and helps retain it. A good conditioner ingredient for dry or damaged locks.

white camellia flower

Camellia Oil

Made up of a blend of moisturising and nourishing components used to protect hair against environmental stress.  

Marula oil in a jar

Marula Oil

A conditioner ingredient used to address frizzy and dry hair by hydrating and fortifying strands.

Hyaluronic acid chain

Hyaluronic Acid

Deeply moisturising, this humectant can assist in the improved appearance of volume. 

white edelweiss flower


A plant extract proven to be one of the best hair care ingredients for strand protection and strengthening. 

charcoal shavings


A detoxifying and exfoliative ingredient, used to remove oil and ease itchy scalp sensations. 

B vitamin tablets

B Vitamins

A hair care vitamin complex which supports hair growth – even for those with naturally weak strands. 

tamanu oil droplet

Tamanu Oil

Sourced from the Tamanu nut tree, this extract promotes hair shine and can help to target hair loss.  

Abyssine plant


An ocean-derived molecule that targets pollution particles and refreshes hair fibres. 

Iris root flower

Iris Root Extract

A plant extract and conditioner ingredient used to soften and improve the feel of hair. 

recurrection plant leaves

Resurrection Plant Sap

Helps smooth and hydrate even the most damaged hair.



Helps to stop hair-fall by fortifying bulb anchorage and protecting against daily external aggressors.

Salicylic Acid texture

Salicylic Acid

Dissolves dead cells and regulates cell renewal to improve scalp and hair prone to dandruff.

The Best Hair Care Ingredients by Hair Concern

Our skincare-inspired haircare is tailored to hair type and concern. Discover which shampoo ingredients and conditioning formulas to use for strengthened and enhanced hair.

Vitamin C for a healthy, balanced scalp

Antioxidants neutralise stress to hair from external aggressors – and potent vitamins for hair don’t get any better than vitamin C. For dry or sensitive scalps, vitamin C can create balance and help to restore strength.
Discover Spécifique Serum Potentialiste Vitamin C Hair And Scalp Serum.

Spécifique Serum Potentialiste Vitamin C Hair and Scalp Serum

Universal defense hair serum for sensitive scalps. The Kerastase Potentialiste Hair & Scalp serum fights scalp imbalances and protects scalp from external damages. The result: this Vitamin c serum for hair will leave your scalp feeling fresh, healthier and stronger.

Old price New price A$92.00
One size available
90 ml

B Vitamins for hair health and to seal the cuticle

Weakened strands are prone to breakage and hair loss. B vitamins help to support healthy hair growth and improve the structure of current follicles. One of the best ingredients for hair growth, B vitamins promote volume and shine.
Discover Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum.

Nutritive Magic 8H Night Serum

Nutritive Magic 8H Night Serum

Nourishing night hair serum suitable for all types of dry hair.

Old price New price A$78.00
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90 ml

Iris Root extract for hair nourishment

Iris root extract can improve the texture of hair and encourage silky, smooth strands in both appearance and feel. It does this by coating each hair fibre, which also helps to maintain a healthy scalp.

Argan Oil to hydrate, soften and restore shine

Combining essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants, argan oil is one of the most iconic conditioner ingredients. Use this hair care ingredient to restore shine and moisture to hair.
Discover Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil.

Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil

Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil

Our iconic beautifying hair oil that nourishes, tames frizz and seals split ends for shiny, healthy hair.

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100 ml

Hyaluronic acid for dehydrated hair

A skincare ingredient with a cult following, hyaluronic acid also improves the hydration status of hair. The Kérastase range of hyaluronic acid shampoos, masks and creams improves the health of chemically treated or dehydrated hair.

Vitamin E for dull hair

Dulled hair colour and texture can indicate structural damage to strands. By applying antioxidant vitamin E to hair, you can promote hair growth and radiance.

Ceramides for smooth hair

Ceramides are lipids, a class of fatty acids. Naturally found in our skin cells, ceramides have naturally made their way into skincare and now, haircare products too. Ceramides occur naturally in our hair, but excessive use of heat, chemical treatments and cleansers can deplete these stores. This leads to raised cuticles, which show up in the form of dull, coarse and dry hair. Post colour or lightening treatment, ceramides are an important hair care ingredient for refreshing hair strength. By applying ceramides hair products, you can improve the binding of your cuticles and restore the appearance of your hair by helping to fortify and protect strength and colour.