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Curly Hair Shampoos

Define your curls with Kérastase's curly hair shampoos. Our curl defining shampoos ensure your curly hair experiences tailored care that helps cleanse, nourish and lessen frizz. Our curly hair shampoos do just that to achieve an enhanced curl pattern with no weigh down. It's time to embrace your curls and shop our curl defining shampoos now.

Curl Definition Shampoos

Curl Definition Shampoos

3 products
3 products

Curl Manifesto Hydrating Douceur Shampoo for Curly Hair

The Curl Manifesto Shampoo, Bain Hydration Doeccur, is a nourishing scalp & hair fibre cream curl shampoo. This cleansing shampoo removes dirt, pollution and build-up while infusing all curl types with vital hydration with no weigh-down. Leaving enhanced curl pattern, volume & radiance. 100% sulphate-free shampoo for curly hair. Discover our newest curl shampoo now.

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Curl Manifesto Regime for Wavy to Curly Hair

Our Curl Manifesto hair care routine to nourish scalp & hair fibers while infusing curls with a lightweight moisture. Achieve ultra-soft and fully rejuvenated curls with the new nourishing, anti-frizz conditioner.

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Curl Manifesto Regime for Very Curly to Coily Hair

Our Curl Manifesto hair care routine to nourish scalp & hair fibers while deeply moisturising dry and damaged hair. Achieve ultra-soft, silky and shiny curls.

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Define Your Curls with Kérastase Curly Hair Shampoos

Don't tame your curls, embrace them with Kerastase Australia's curly hair shampoos. Curly hair is typically dryer than other hair types due to the unique formation of the hair fibre. This means the lack of moisture may your leave your hair feeling dehydrated and looking frizzy. Our shampoos for curly hair are formulated with hydrating and smoothing ingredients like Ceramides and Manuka Honey to cleanse, nourish and lessen frizz to promote defined curls with no weigh down. Kérastase has curated curl shampoos that promote definition for all curly hair types including 2-4 type curls. Add Kérastase's curl shampoo to your hair care routine now!

Create The Best Curly Hair Routine With Our Curly Hair Shampoo

The Curl Manifesto Hydration Douceur Curl Shampoo is a nourishing scalp and hair fibre cream shampoo that promotes vital hair hydration. Formulated with Manuka and Ceramides, these hydrating and smoothing ingredients can truly transform and define the looks of your curls. To create the best curly hair routine, use this curl shampoo with our curly hair conditioner when washing your hair. If your hair is needing more intense nourishment, follow with the Curl Manifesto Curly Hair Mask. To finish your routine, use a curly hair cream to smooth frizz and promote definition and elasticity. Support and define your curls even more by opting to wash your hair less. In between washes, use a curl refresher spray for the ultimate upkeep of curly hair. Read our guide for more information on how to care for curly hair.

What Are The Best Shampoos for Curly Hair

The best shampoos for curly hair are those that are formulated to with curl-enhancing ingredients. As dryness is a typical concern of curly hair, opt for a curl shampoo that contain ingredients to hydrate hair, without weighing curls down. Manuka honey is ultra rich in micronutrients to provide a moisture boost and shine. Another thing stopping you from achieving defined curls is probably frizz. Frizzy hair occurs when the hair is dry, and therefore is a typical concern for curly hair types. A curl-defining shampoo should tackle frizz by smoothing the hair fibres while protecting the hair against external aggressors that could further create dryness. Our shampoo for curly hair is formulated with Ceramides, that is used to restore softness, strength and smoothness. The result: frizz is reduced and hair is protected from environmental aggressors. Shop Kérastase curl defining shampoos with these premium curl-friendly ingredients now.

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