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How to Nourish & Hydrate Dry Hair

Is your hair calling out for help? Read on to discover our easy and effective haircare tips for dry hair.

How to add moisture to dry hair types

Dry hair is not only lacklustre but also incredibly susceptible to damage. Not taking care of your dry hair can cause it to fray and become brittle over time, which can then affect your comfort and confidence.

Thankfully, with the right dry hair maintenance and treatment, you’ll be able to revive your mane and protect it from future damage. Here’s how to hydrate your hair, manage split ends and restore your hair health.

Fine or straight hair

Harsh weather and heat styling can take their toll on fine or straight hair. When looking at how to hydrate hair that’s straight or fine, look at lightweight products that are infused with protein. Our hair naturally contains protein, which means protein-loaded products are highly effective at replenishing and adding body to the hair.

Be particularly mindful when applying conditioner, making sure to only apply it to the very ends of your hair to prevent it from weighing down your hair or making it appear oily. Our Nutritive range contains wheat and royal jelly proteins, nourishing each strand of hair from within. The end result is intense hydration that leaves hair feeling silky soft and lightweight.

Curly or wavy hair

Textured hair has a stronger hair cuticle, which means it requires more intense hydration. Don’t shy away from rich shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, and take care to only wash your hair once or twice a week so you don’t strip your natural oils.

Protective hairstyles can also minimise the risk of breakage and environmental damage. Try applying a conditioning product and then styling your hair into braids or twists to keep it safe. and all you did was pick up your smartphone!​

Keep hair moisturised with dry hair treatments

Knowing how to moisturise and hydrate dry hair involves using the right products and developing healthy hair habits. To achieve and maintain hydration, read our top tips.

1. Protect your hair from the weather

When it comes to haircare for dry hair, one of the best strategies is to protect your hair from the weather. Avoid going outside with wet hair, especially when the weather is cold, as this puts your hair at risk of breakage.

If you wear a hat, beanie or scarf, avoid coarse fabrics like wool and cotton. Instead, line your headwear with silk or satin to minimise breakage and split ends. This is particularly the case for curly hair, which can be more brittle and dry.

2. Apply hair masks on a regular basis

Hair masks can help breathe life into your hair, particularly its ends. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and therefore suffer from the most dryness. Our Masque Magistral is an excellent solution, nourishing your hair at the fibre’s core. You can even take your hair mask treatment to the next level by applying it under a shower cap or plastic wrap – this creates heat that will further open up the hair cuticle and allow the product to penetrate deeper. If an at-home hair mask isn’t enough, consider visiting us for our signature Fusio-Dose treatment.

3. Limit your use of heat styling tools

It’s no secret that heat styling tools can dry out the hair. Aside from minimising your use of heat styling tools in general, you can also use the ‘cool’ function of your blow dryer at the end of your styling session to seal your hair. This offers shine, locks in the conditioning agents you’ve used, and closes the hair cuticle.

4. Switch to hydrating products

It’s not always enough to look for the word “hydrating” on a bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Instead, you should look for specific ingredients like nourishing oils or hyaluronic acid. Our Bain Magistral Shampoo and Lait Vital Conditioner are sulphate-free and contain proteins to nourish the hair fibre as well as iris rhizome, which provides lasting nutrition.

If you’re also wondering how to hydrate your scalp, you’ll find that our nourishing shampoos, conditioners and serums will penetrate deeply enough to moisturise your scalp too. Again, sulphate-free products are best, while serums can provide hydration in a lightweight formula that won’t cause product build-up or clogged follicles.

5. Skip wash days

Too many of us have become accustomed to the idea that our hair needs daily washing. In reality, this can strip the hair of its natural oils and overload it with product. Instead, try to leave a few days between washes. If you feel like you still need some sort of hair cleanse, skip the shampoo and just rinse your hair with water, maybe applying some conditioner to your ends to infuse it with extra hydration.

Finalise your hair treatment for dry hair with our 8H Magic Night Serum, an overnight leave-in serum that transforms hair with the power of nourishing vitamins.

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