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Dry Hair: Causes and How to Help Fix

A flawless mane is a common desire, but it can be difficult to accomplish at home - especially if you experience dry, brittle hair. Dryness is a common concern and a frustrating barrier to achieving impeccable locks. Luckily, if your hair is looking dull, there are ways to nourish and hydrate dry hair to bring back that post-salon gloss. We’ve curated this comprehensive guide to answer all your dry hair questions; from causes and fixes to hair products that can help transform your locks. Say goodbye to dry hair and hello to luscious locks with our expert tips and tricks.

What is dry hair?

Highly porous hair fibres struggle to retain moisture, reducing shine and affecting the appearance of dry, brittle hair. Dryness is especially prevalent in the winter months, but if it’s become a year-round problem, you might want to investigate dry hair causes beyond weather. Common culprits include:
Over washing hair
Heat styling tools
Chemical treatments and colouring
To bring life back to your locks, let’s explore how to treat dry hair and restore moisture.

Kerastase dry hair products

1. Get regular trims

You may have noticed your hair looks and feels softer, bouncier, and brighter after a haircut. This is because the oldest section of your hair, the ends, have been removed. The scalp produces oil called sebum, which acts as a natural conditioner for your locks, but it can’t always reach the hair farthest from your head. Even if you have healthy hair, the ends are likely the driest section and the most prone to damage, which can result in a lacklustre appearance. Regular trims to remove dry hair ends is a quick and easy way to support healthy locks. 

2. Adopt products specifically for dry hair

Like curly, coloured, or chemically treated hair, specific products are required to support dryness. It’s imperative to adopt a care routine using dry hair products designed to boost moisture and hydration. Here’s what to look for: 

The Kérastase Nutritive hair care collection was specifically formulated for dry hair. This collection features hydrating and nourishing ingredients to help soften the hair fibre and provide the hair with the nutrients it needs to stay hydrated and healthy. We recommend choosing a shampoo like the Nutritive Shampoo for Dry Hair and a nourishing conditioner like the Nutritive Conditioner to hydrate and restore the health of hair. If you’re still unsure on what dry hair product is best for you, take the hair quiz to discover the best hair care routine for the needs of your hair. 

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3. Develop a hair sleep routine

Protecting your hair by establishing a sleep routine is an essential part of maintaining healthy looking locks. Cotton pillowcases can influence dry hair as the material is highly absorbent, meaning it can soak up product intended to nourish the hair fibre overnight. Instead, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase and avoid going to sleep when your hair is wet, as this is when it’s weakest and most vulnerable to breakage. 

4. Use a hair mask regularly

Pampering your mane with a weekly dry hair treatment is a non-negotiable when dealing with dryness. Like conditioner, hair masks aim to boost hydration and moisture, but by sitting on your hair for longer, masks have more time to penetrate the hair fibre for intensified results. Dry hair can benefit from a mask with ultra-hydrating ingredients and a rich, creamy formula like the Nutritive Hair Mask for Dry Hair. For best results, comb hair masks through your locks to ensure every strand is coated. 

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5. Try hair serums and oils

Regular use of a high-performance hair serum or cream is a key step in helping to maintain moisture between washes.  


  • In the AM choose a hydrating serum like the Nutritive Fibre Food Dry Ends Serum to lock in moisture and replenish tips for healthy, smooth hair. 
  • In the PM, take advantage of the long hours of sleep with an overnight serum rich in essential vitamins and nutrients to promote healthy hair. We recommend the Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum to restore hair’s health overnight. 

6. Use heat protectants

Between heat styling tools, tight hair styles, and exposure to external aggressors like UV rays and pollution – our hair goes through a lot. Heat is particularly damaging for hair that’s dry, so try to find heatless hair styles you love and incorporate the benefits of UV protection into your hair care routine. When you do reach for hot styling tools, be sure to apply a quality heat protectant first. These products act as a barrier between your hair and hot temperatures, and they can also help protect your mane from direct sun exposure. Opt for a heat protectant that not only protects the hair from heat damage, but also works to nourish the hair fibre, like the Nutritive Blow-Dry Primer for Dry Hair or the Nutritive Lotion Universelle Heat Protect Spray.

model with non damaged hair

7. Don’t over wash hair

Wanting clean hair on a particular day can make it difficult to stick to a solid wash schedule. While washing a day early on occasion is fine, consistently shampooing when you don’t need to can cause problems. The oils produced by the scalp naturally condition your strands, so removing them too often can result in a vicious cycle of dry hair. Three wash days a week is the recommended maximum for most hair types – but you know your hair best. Try to stretch out washes an extra day until you find a schedule that suits your hair. 

8. Don't forget the scalp

Often overlooked, the condition of your scalp can affect the overall health of your hair. Ensuring your scalp remains hydrated and balanced gives your lengths the optimal environment needed to grow soft, shiny and healthy. Using scalp care treatments like the Nutritive Scalp Food Hydrating Scalp Serum, can help achieve nourished hair root to tip. Formulated with vitamins, this potent scalp serum provides an immediate shot of hydration to dry scalps to create a healthy basis for new growth.

Kérastase products for dry hair

When it comes to dry hair solutions, the Kérastase Nutritive collection is ideal for its ability to help restore nutrition and promote irresistibly soft locks. The collection is formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients like iris root extract and benzoin resin as well as lipids and ceramides crucial for maintaining healthy, strong, and manageable hair.

The hero of the Nutritive collection is our Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum, a lightweight dry hair treatment. The serum is infused with a blend of 5 vitamins that progressively absorb as you sleep to help reverse daytime depletion. Simply apply 2-4 pumps through the lengths of towel-dried hair and leave in overnight to wake up with supple, moisturised locks.

nutritive 8hr magic night serum

Want more ways to rehydrate dry, brittle hair and return that soft, glossy look? Learn 10 facts about Elixir Ultime Hair Oil, made with three types of plant oils to help transform your locks.

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