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Protecting Your Hair Overnight

No more frizz. Mornings are now all about bounce and shine with our overnight hair serum treatments.

Ah, the PM. So often underutilised! 8 (ahem) hours of undisturbed time to strengthen and repair locks, for an instantly moisturised and bouncy mane the following day. If you’re not yet onboard with overnight hair treatment, then this is your sign to stop sleeping on it.

The secret to infusing moisture into hair overnight are hair serums. This hero product works to nourish the hair fibres with potently hydrating ingredients, all ready for the next morning. They’re anti frizz and perfect at providing hair protection.

To find out how simple it is to add hair serums to your evening routine, read on. The benefits are plenty – you won’t know how you managed before. We break down the process and best habits for evening hair care below.

Benefits of overnight hair treatment

If you often find that your locks feel dry or coarse in the morning, it’s likely because of a missed vital step. Hair serums are essential to maintaining hair health, because they provide much-needed restoration against all of the stressors we face throughout the day.

Sun damage, weather changes, styling and pollution all dehydrate hair. At their essence, serums are hair moisturisers. By resting hair in a rich serum overnight, you are adding nutrition and moisture to dry hair that would otherwise struggle to recover through washing alone. The penetrative formula of hair serums leave hair smooth in the morning, with no frizz in sight. This means (if you haven’t figured out already) that your morning routine will be significantly decreased. No more detangling or panic styling before your day has even started!


The process of overnight hair repair

Dry, frizzy and coarse hair types – listen up. The major cause of your hair woes is strand and scalp dehydration. When hair loses natural oils and moisture, the strands weaken, leading to exasperated frizz or dull, rough hair. The key to treating this lies in the high absorbency of our hair fibres.

What we lose through the day-to-day can be replaced with nutrients that can actually increase the natural strength of hair. Hair serums deeply penetrate hair fibres, and throughout the night, they absorb the serum’s nutrients, reversing the day’s damage. To know which hair serum suits your hair goals best, see below.

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1. Lack of Moisture

Lack of moisture is a usual suspect in the battle against hair damage. Dry hair is one of the precursors to breakage, and can be caused by factors like low humidity, dry weather, and too much heat (for example, from hair tools or very hot water when you wash your hair).

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2. Heat Damage and over-processing

As mentioned above, heat damage can cause hair to become dry and broken. This includes the incorrect or overuse of tools like straighteners and blow dryers. Over processing refers to damage done when hair is dyed, permed, or bleached. While these actions can make your hair seem fresh and healthy at the beginning, oftentimes they can result in cuticle breakdown down the line.

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3. Incorrect brushing & hair ties

Over brushing hair can lead to strands being yanked or pulled needlessly from your head, as well as strands of hair breaking off. Instead, only brush your hair when you are styling it, and consider using a wide toothed comb. Similarly, hair bands, while useful, can also work to break strands of hair off as they pull on your scalp and cuticles.

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8HR Magic Night Hair Serum

Just as we (try to) treat our PM skincare routines as gospel, so should we for our haircare routines. Our overnight Nutritive 8HR Magic Night Hair Serum has the same nutritional benefits as your face serum, but for locks. Suitable for all hair types, this universal hair serum leaves hair visibly softer and nourished come morning.

Key ingredients

What leaves hair 2.8x more nourished than before are the potent ingredients Iris Root Extract and a blend of 5 vitamins, including Vitamin E. Let’s start with the plant extract first. Iris root works by coating hair fibres – hydrating and strengthening strands simultaneously for a satin-finish. Alongside that, our vitamin blend seals cuticles to prevent breakage.

Key benefits

By fortifying your locks, our Nutritive 8HR Magic Night Hair Serum helps to avoid friction cause by your pillow throughout the night. Because rest is so important, this beauty also doubles as an evolving fragrance which promotes relaxation and revitalisation. Once awake, hair has definition without being weighed down, and is softer to the touch.

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Blond Absolu Cicanuit Night Serum

If there’s one group that should have haircare at the forefront, it’s dyed blondes. Choosing to make the transformative step is an exciting one that can give new-life to your style. The right maintenance ensures your tone shines bright for as long as possible – and moisturisation is a huge part of this. Our Blond Absolu Cicanuit Night Serum is specially formulated for bleached and sensitised hair.

Key ingredients

To promote the strengthening of treated hair, a high concentration of hyaluronic acid is applied to the fibres of hair. Hyaluronic acid is an intensely hydrating ingredient, that holds up to 1000x its own weight in water. By adding this to hair overnight, a boost of shine and radiance can be achieved.

Key benefits

The lightweight formula of our Blond Absolu Cicanuit Night Serum heals split ends over the night and reduces breakage that can occur the next day. Those with chemically treated hair know the sensitisation that can come with treatment – our serum mends this by smoothing strands and removing frizz.

Good hair habits for the evening

Just like our multi-step skincare routines, our hair requires a few practices to be at its shiniest the next day. We suggest investing in a silk pillowcase, so as to reduce friction further and give your mane a proper rest. Avoid tying up hair as you sleep as it can put pressure on your scalp – though braiding your hair before sleep will result in beachy, loose waves. Finally, make sure to brush your hair properly. Start at the ends and work your way up gently, without being abrasive.

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