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Chantelle Otten Copper Coloured Hair Transformation

A hair colour transformation is an exciting new chapter, but big changes can place stress on hair without the right treatments. Enter Chantelle Otten: renowned sexologist and our next Kérastase Ambassador.

Chantelle’s blue locks have been an iconic part of her look, but as she explains, “it was time for a change…a big one! I wanted to get my energy back – I was feeling a little flat and bored with my look. It wasn’t giving me the energy it used to, and I really wanted to feel confident.”

Self-confidence is intrinsic to Chantelle’s work and ethos – “I feel like I can take on the world when I have a good hair day” – and going from blue to copper hair is a big transformation. Colour changes like this require nourishing care, and knowing how to keep coloured hair healthy is integral to keeping gloss and tone alive.

Explore how Kérastase achieved Chantelle’s copper coloured hair transformation below, and how the Chroma Absolu collection gives you total freedom over your next colour.


Going from blue to copper hair colour

To achieve vibrant copper hair colour from blue, the health of strands need to be in optimum condition. Chantelle has dyed her own hair for a while – “it was fun, but I damaged it with home bleach and packet mixes,” she told ELLE Australia.

Before making Chantelle’s hair colour transformation, hair colourist Danni Solier worked to strengthen her hair. “Blue is one of the hardest pigments to remove from the hair. This transformation on the gorge Chantelle Otten for Kérastase was done in two sessions a week apart from each other, and a month of weekly Kérastase Fusio dose treatments in preparation”.



Copper hair colour transformation

In the lead up to Chantelle’s copper coloured hair treatment, her hair stylists, Jamie Furlan & Danni Solier from LNDN Hair,worked for a month to ensure her strands were hydrated, healthy and ready for colouring. Weekly Fusio Dose treatments boosted the strength of hair through a highly personalised routine. Using Fusio-Scrub and Fusio-Dose, hairdressers created a concentré to target Chantelle’s specific concerns. The resulting colour was light-reflective and bright. As Chantelle says, “the colour suits me so well and I’m just in love with it! I feel confident, sexy, and ready to take on anything that comes my way”. Post colouring, Fusio Dose was used to keep the copper hair colour high-gloss and rich in tone.



How to maintain hair colour with Kérastase

Stylists may know how to get copper red hair, but knowing how to keep coloured hair healthy comes down to the products you use at home. The skincare inspired approach of Chroma Absolu protects multiple layers of hair and is tailored to specific hair types. “I feel so much more confident with my new look, and my hair feels amazing. The Kérastase Chroma Absolu products allow me to maintain my new colour and at the same time build strength and health back into my hair, and I am so grateful for that”, says Chantelle.

For fine or thick coloured hair, gentle and nourishing ingredients and extracts lock in shine and moisture. See our 3-step routine for how to look after coloured hair below.


1. Apply colour-specific shampoo

Just like cleansers, shampoos clear away impurities and excess oil, rebalancing hair. Chroma Absolu shampoo is sulphate free and developed to nourish coloured hair. Chroma Absolu Bain Riche Respect for Thick Coloured Hair and Chroma Absolu Bain Chroma Respect Shampoo for fine hair protects dyed hair fibres to prevent colour from fading. Formulated with luxe ingredients like lactic acid and Centella Asiatica, the shampoos help to seal in colour and improve the texture of hair.



2. Follow with colour treatment

To ensure that colour and shine stay salon-strong, implement after-care treatments in your home routine. Chroma Absolu Soin Acid High Shine Gloss Treatment has been developed to restore acids, seal the hair surface and remove dulling build-ups. The results are more shine, stronger hair and improved feel and texture. This universal treatment for dyed hair includes Centella Asiatica and lactic acid for strengthening and protecting. Apply to shampooed and towel-dried mid lengths and ends once a week.



3. Protect hair from fade

Hair porosity refers to the absorbent nature of strands. Hair which is highly absorbent is likely damaged. When strands face stress such as chemical dye, sun exposure and salt water, the outer layer can become compromised. To protect and strengthen coloured hair, a hair mask can be implemented every 2-3 weeks. Chroma Absolu Masque Filler Hair penetrates the core of hair to fill porosity and soften texture. If you style hair regularly, it’s important that hair is protected from extreme heat, in order to maintain radiant colour. Before using straighteners or curlers, spray hair with serum-inspired Chroma Absolu Thermique Heat Protectant. Just like Chantelle Otten, you can embrace new colours whenever you want, without sacrificing your hair. “I now have this shiny, healthy, and beautiful red hair that I am in love with. I’m really feeling myself!”


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