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Hair Products For Men

Discover luxury hair products for men. Kérastase formulas promote and enhance texture, density and hair strength. See how to support men’s hair care issues like dandruff and hair loss and create your bespoke routine ahead.

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Genesis Homme Bain de Masse Épaississant Thickening Shampoo for Men

Thickening shampoo for men with weakened hair that is prone to thinning.
This luxurious formula helps to cleanse the scalp, hair and beard while hydrating hair to achieve healthy, soft hair. Used in a complete Genesis Homme hair routine, this hair thickening shampoo for men will help to add volume and body to thinning men's hair. Shop the Genesis Homme Bain De Masse Espaississant Shampoo now!

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One size available
250 ml

Genesis Homme Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant Anti Hair Fall Serum for Men

When used daily, this fortifying men's hair loss serum helps to improve resistance of hair and reduces the rate of hair-fall over the 6 week program. Helps to reinforce scalp and protects scalp natural moisture barrier and reinforced scalp. A powerful hair fall treatment, shop the Genesis Homme serum now!

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One size available
90 ml

Genesis Homme Texturisante Thickening Clay for Men

A light-hold thickening hair clay ideal for men's hair prone to thinning.
Experience instantly thickened hair fibres, for the appearance of fuller looking hair mass. Features a non-sticky, matte finish formula. Discover Kérastase's thickening clay now and achieve denser, fuller hair.

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One size available
75 ml

Densifique Bodifying Shampoo for Men

Thickening shampoo with Biotin for men's hair.

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250 ml

Densifique Bodifying Scalp Treatment for Men

Men's densify treatment with Stemoxydine: thinning hair bodyfied with +3300 new hairs.

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One size available

Spécifique Aminexil Force R Scalp Treatment

An intensive 6 weeks program to counteract hair loss and preserve hair density. Scalp irritation is reduced, hair density is improved & hair is nourished.

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One size available
42 x 6 ml

Care For Your Hair with Kérastase Products for Men


Men’s hair has unique needs. From thickening styling clays to rejuvenating shampoos, hair products for men keep strands healthy and protect against stress. To retain volume, density and scalp health, Kérastase has formulated a specialised hair care routine. Discover how to take care of hair for men with our comprehensive guide.

Why is Men's Hair Care Different?


Because men exhibit hair stress differently, Kérastase developed the Genesis Homme range to tackle men’s hair care issues. Common concerns addressed and improved by unique products for men’s hair include:

By implementing a specially formulated men’s hair care routine, you can reduce strand fall and experience stronger, thicker and fuller hair.

6 Hair Care Tips for Men


Your hair deserves a proper routine. By pairing the best hair products for men with good lifestyle habits, you can promote strength and shine now and into the future. Let’s walk through how to take care of hair for men below.

1. Avoid overwashing

You may think that frequent washing makes hair cleaner – but it can actually have the opposite effect. Our scalp produces healthy oils which provide hydration and protection from external stress. By over washing you may remove these oils – which can cause dryness and flakiness alongside imbalanced moisture levels. 2–3 washes per week is typically enough to ensure hair is cleansed, depending on hair type.

2. Your scalp needs care too

Hair care products are typically associated with hair fibres, but scalp health is just as important. The best hair products for men also support the scalp – exfoliating dead cells and hydrating this important area. Remember that a healthy scalp supports follicle growth, so your hair will thank you too.

3. Invest in the right products

The right habits will only go so far without the right hair products for men. Alongside healthy diets and application techniques, find men’s hair care that corresponds to your unique needs.

4. Visit the barber regularly

Haircuts are about more than just achieving a certain shape. To retain hair strength, shine and texture, hair should be trimmed regularly. This helps to remove split ends before they ‘travel’ up strands, encouraging fortified cuticles. Around 4–6 weeks is typically enough time between cuts.

5. Don't skip the heat protectant when using heat tools

Extreme heat is one of the most common sources of damage to hair. Temperatures upwards of 250°C can melt strands, while lower temperatures of 150°C can cause damage to the cortex. If you use heated tools, always apply heat protectant beforehand.

6. Don't let product build up

Gels, clays and waxes can help to add shape, volume and definition to hair. This styling component of men’s hair care enhances and improves the appearance and feel of hair – but it’s important to remove product at end of day. This supports hydration levels and prevents build-up which could otherwise coat strands and the scalp.

The Best Hair Products for Men


The right haircare routine can promote density, strand retention and comfortable scalps. Discover the best hair products for men ahead.

Hair care for men experiencing hair fall

For men with weakened hair or hair prone to thinning, Kérastase developed the Genesis Homme collection.
Strengthening and protective ingredients like creatine, ginger and aminexil promote stronger, thicker and fuller hair.

Hair care for men wanting thickness

Everyday stressors can weaken strands and leave hair looking thinner.
Our hair thickening range combines ingredients like biotin and texturising polymer, which can help protect hair and encourage a healthier appearance.

Hair care for men with colour-treated hair

To keep colour intact and protect against dryness, the right aftercare is needed.
Post-colouring hair care collection Chroma Absolu features anti-frizz properties and fibre-strengthening ingredients to preserve colour in treated hair.

Hair care for men with sensitive scalps

Sensitive scalps can cause itchy sensations and affect follicle health. Whether oiliness or dandruff concerns you, scalp care products can purify and visibly improve hair health.