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Hairdresser Jordan Najera

Hairdresser Jordan Najera talks about her journey into hairdressing, her hair
icons and why Fusio Dose hair treatment is so loved by her clients.

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

We spoke to hairdresser Jordan Najera, who has over 20 years hairdressing experience, about her career journey from intern to New York Fashion Week. She talked to us about the importance of the consultation, where she finds inspiration and her advice for aspiring hairdressers. Plus, she reveals the Kérastase products her clients love in the salon and at home.

What or Who Inspired You to Become a Hairdresser?

Jordan Najera: When I was 15 years old, I worked in a salon after school and on the weekends. I was hired to wash towels, keep the salon shelves stocked and make sure the salon was clean and beautiful. I absolutely loved watching clients’ hair being transformed and it was intoxicating being a part of such a positive, friendly, and uplifting environment. I always noticed how happy clients were to be there. There was one specific stylist that always inspired me. He showed me that I had potential and that being a hairdresser is an incredibly fulfilling career. This is also where my hair product obsession began. I loved to learn about all the products we carried and how they could help change our clients’ hair for the better.

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

How Did You Become a Hairdresser?

Jordan Najera: While I was in high school, I decided to join an AVS program that allowed me to attend high school in the morning and then beauty school in the afternoon. This was amazing because I was able to have my cosmetology license before I even graduated from high school! I was so excited to start my career and begin my apprenticeship at a luxury salon at the young age of 18. Still to this day I work for the same original company I started with. I have now been with The Parlour, which is a family of nine salon locations in Colorado, for a little over 20 years!

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

What Do You Love Most About Hairdressing?

Jordan Najera: What I love the most about hairdressing is the powerful connection between people! It is so amazing to not only transform people physically on the outside but to be able to empower them and transform them on the inside. Hairdressers have this incredible ability to give our clients confidence and help them be the best version of themselves. I always want my clients to leave my chair feeling confident, heard, empowered and beautiful.

Where Do You Look For Hair Inspiration?

Jordan Najera: I love to look for hair inspiration in different places. I absolutely love fashion, so I am constantly looking for what is new and up and coming. I enjoy observing trending colors, textures and fabrics. Whatever is happening in the fashion world influences what is happening in the hair world. Nature also is a huge inspiration for me. Living in Colorado we have all four seasons. I’m constantly inspired by the colors and the change of seasons. My clients love to evolve with the seasons and subtly change their hair throughout the year. This ensures that my guests are never bored with their hair and they always feel current and trending.

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

Who Are Some of Your Hair Icons?

Jordan Najera: One of my hair icons is Sharon Blaine. I absolutely love her up styling skills and I think she is a huge role model to stylists that are inspired by event hair. I personally specialize in up ‘dos, so I am constantly watching her work for inspiration and guidance. Peter Gray is also one of my hair icons. I had the honor of working with him last year at New York Fashion Week. I was not only blown away by his hair and leadership skills, but he was also extremely humble and kind to everyone around him. For me that was incredibly powerful to see.

What Are Your Favorite Products to Work With In-Salon?

Jordan Najera: My number one in salon favorite is our Fusio Dose personalized hair treatments. These hair treatments are such an incredible part of my guests’ experience. My clients love that they are customized for their own specific hair care needs and they truly enjoy the relaxing head massage that goes with it. Kérastase Fusio Dose treatments set us apart and elevate us from all other luxury hair care brands.

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

One of my favorite products to work with behind the chair is Kérastase's classic Elixir Ultime hair oil. This hero product of mine has precious Camellia and Marula oils in it that give long lasting hydration, nutrition and amazing shine to the hair. For my clients that want all those benefits but have a finer texture hair, I love to prescribe Elixir Ultime L’Huile Legere bi-phase oil spray that is incredibly lightweight and adds body, hydration, nutrition and amazing shine. Another product that I’m absolutely obsessed with is the Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Hair Serum. This product has jumped to the top of my best selling Kérastase products! This nourishing hair serum transforms your hair while you sleep. It contains iris root extract, a luxurious ingredient frequently used in skincare that will reverse daytime damage and create a smooth topcoat on each hair fiber.

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

What Makes Fusio Dose So Special?

Jordan Najera: Fusio Dose hair treatments offer clients an instant hair transformation. They are personalized and customized for each individual guest’s hair care needs. My clients are absolutely obsessed with them because they instantly improve their hair. They can truly feel and see the dramatic results.

What Advice Would You Give to Hairdressers to Ensure They Get The Most Information Out of Client Consultations?

Jordan Najera: As a Kérastase artist we have an amazing consultation process called 100% Diagnosis. This is what sets us apart from other stylists and brands. This four-step process truly makes us the hair care professional.

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

We start by listening and asking questions. It’s important to understand our client’s current haircare routine and concerns. I always ask open-ended questions so I can get all the information that I need. Next, I touch and evaluate the client’s hair and scalp. I also evaluate the resistance of the hair and check the level of dryness and shine. All of this information will help us determine what we need to prescribe to our clients for the maximum result.

The next step is to share my results with my guest. This is a step that is often skipped. It’s so important to show your professional expertise by providing a full hair and scalp diagnosis result.

The last step is to prescribe and advise. This is where we recommend a custom Kérastase Signature Treatment Service and home care routine to meet your client’s needs and expectations.

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

What Advice Would You Give to People Wanting to Become a Hairdresser?

Jordan Najera: The advice that I would give someone that is wanting to become a hairdresser is, get ready for a powerful career that will be rewarding and empowering! Being a hairdresser, you have the freedom to be creative and help others feel beautiful. Inside and out! It’s not 100% just about hair. It’s about a true connection with people! It’s about building relationships and trust and becoming a real professional that people want to come to for hair advise and services. I truly believe hairstyling is a career that you get out of it what you put into it. The sky’s the limit! There are so my different opportunities in the hair world. You can become an artist for a product company, create hair for photo shoots or even fashion shows. You can travel to educate other stylists, or you can become an influencer on social media. There is so much more to hairstyling beyond your salons chair. There is freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule, wearing fashionable clothes and being around like-minded people that enjoy the same thing you do.

Q&A With Kérastase Hairdresser Jordan Najera

What Excites You Most About The Future of Hairdressing?

Jordan Najera: What excites me the most about the future of hairdressing is the amazing education and community around it. Now more than ever, stylists are not keeping secrets because they want to share their knowledge and encourage other stylists to grow and learn. There is an overwhelming sense of empowerment and support in the hairstyling community. It is so nice to be a part of something really special. I’m truly excited to see what the future will bring in our industry. Education in our world is constantly evolving and changing. Hairstylists never stop learning and growing!

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