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Frequently Asked Questions about Reflection range.

What is Touche Chromatique?

Touche Chromatique is Kérastase’s 1st color correcting ink-in-care for color-treated hair. Blended with Masque Chromatique, it provides the best of care and the best of color integrity by enhancing and/or neutralizing reflects between two colorations.

What is the color correction?

A beauty favorite of bloggers and Instagrammers, color-correcting makeup products rely on the complementarity of colors. When looking at the color wheel, colors that are directly across from another cancels the other out. These colors are called complementary and each is used to offset and neutralize the other. For instance, red is directly across from green in the color wheel, which is why green formulas work best to cover redness on your skin.

For the first time, Kérastase taps into this trend in beauty and applies the science behind color complementarity to revive color-treated hair.

What is the technology used in Touche Chromatique?

Touche Chromatique contains direct dyes that provide a lasting color by neutralizing unwanted undertones. These dyes were chosen because they bind to colored hair: used by leading hair colorists in the world, these dyes are truest to the shade of the hair and protect the fiber.

How many shades of Touche Chromatique exist?

There are 4 shades:

  • Cool Blond (Violet formula) neutralizes unwanted yellow reflects or undertones for an enhanced cool blond.
  • Cool Brown (Green formula) neutralizes unwanted red/red-orange reflects or undertones for an enhanced cool brown.
  • Copper enhances copper reflects for a revived copper-hair result.
  • Red enhances red reflects for a revived red-hair result.

How to choose the right shade?

After performing a thorough diagnosis in a Kérastase salon, the hairdresser will be able to recommend you the right shade of Touche Chromatique to use, and will give you all the usage recommendations.

When should I start using Touche Chromatique?

You should start using Touche Chromatique from the third week after coloration to the last week of the coloration cycle.

How often should I apply Touche Chromatique?

Thanks to the lasting power of direct dyes, only one weekly application is necessary to assure an homogeneous result and avoid overload on the fiber. On average, every third shampoo.

Does Touche Chromatique allow spacing colorations?

Touche Chromatique corrects reflects, provides the hair color with shine and radiance on lengths and ends. It does not replace coloration but allows you to maintain a vibrant color and a beautiful hair texture for longer, in between two colorations.

Do I have to perform a skin test before applying Touche Chromatique?

It is not necessary to perform a skin test. Touche Chromatique is applied on color-treated hair. Moreover, it’s only applied on the lengths, and must not get in touch with the scalp.

How to prepare Touche Chromatique?

You must use the tools provided (bowl & spatula) to prepare Touche Chromatique.

  • Use the spatula to take Masque Chromatique and fill it in the bowl to the dosage line (15mL/0.5 fl.oz)).
  • Add 10 pumps of Touche Chromatique to the mask in the bowl
  • Mix thoroughly to obtain an even texture
  • Apply on shampooed and towel-dried hair (cf. Application part below)

Why two products to mix?

This mix provides the ultimate concentration of direct dyes and ensures the unequalled performance of Reflection masques in terms of color-correction as well as in terms of care: a beautiful hair texture provided by the smoothing, detangling and softening agents to protect the integrity of your hair fiber.

Is it possible to prepare the mix in advance?

Touche Chromatique must be freshly mixed, just before the application in order to ensure the efficacy of the direct dyes and to ensure the desired shade.

Can I mix Touche Chromatique with another masque or fondant?

Mixing Touche Chromatique with another masque or fondant than those mentioned is not recommended.
Fondant Chromatique can be used with Touche Chromatique. Like with Masque Chromatique, the same tools must be used and the leave-in time (5 mins) as well as mix ratio must be respected. Due to the direct dyes’ performance, only a weekly application is necessary with the Fondant.

Is it possible to mix the Touche Chromatique directly in the masque jar?

Touche Chromatique should not be mixed directly in the masque jar because the ratio would not be respected and the result not assured. This mix could exceed the recommended quantity of Touche Chromatique. Furthermore, the direct dyes used must be kept in a different package to protect them and their efficiency.

What happens if I add too much of Touche Chromatique to the masque?

The result will be too intense or the neutralization too strong. The risk of staining hands is higher. The recommended ratio was tested to provide the best of color correction and care, to get a natural and enhanced result.

On the contrary, what happens if I don’t add enough Touche Chromatique to the masque?

The result is not going to be visible enough, and the neutralization performance will be less effective.

How to apply Touche Chromatique?

  • Apply 2 shampoos of the chosen Bain Reflection and towel-dry your hair
  • Apply the mix evenly on the lengths and ends
  • Leave in for 5 minutes
  • Lather then rinse thoroughly

What is the leave-in time?

The direct dyes technology is very concentrated and efficient, only a 5-minute leave-in is necessary to achieve a perfect result.

What happens if I exceed the recommended leave-in time?

Exceeding the application time can lead to a result that is too intense or to irregularities in the color.

Does Touche Chromatique stain hands?

Touche Chromatique does not stain hands, if you follow the application instructions. Legal authorization confirms that gloves are not mandatory to use Touche Chromatique, at home or in salon. In case you apply the direct dyes directly on your hands or skin, rinse it directly with water.

What happens if I apply Touche Chromatique on dry hair?

Touche Chromatique is more effective and better absorbed by wet hair.  An application on dry hair can lead to irregularities and will increase the quantity of product required.

What happens if I apply only Touche Chromatique without the Masque Chromatique?

Touche Chromatique must not be applied without the masque. Because of the direct dyes, the result is going to be too intense. The mask nourishes the hair and provides shine to the color as well as a multi-protection.

The reflect is too intense, how can I reduce it?

The direct dyes are eliminated by shampooing the hair. If the reflect is too intense, you should apply a neutral shampoo on your dry hair and perform a massage on the lengths. Rinse and apply Masque Chromatique.

Is it possible to apply Touche Chromatique on natural hair?

Touche Chromatique was developed to maintain color-treated hair and revive or neutralize a color. The result on natural color will be very slight and is not recommended.

Is Touche Chromatique going to change my current hair color?

Touche Chromatique will not change the current hair color but revive and prolong a faded color and/or neutralize an unwanted reflect. Follow the dosage and application instructions to get the most perfect result.

Can I apply Touche Chromatique on roots?

Touche Chromatique must not be applied on roots. If necessary, you can use a comb in order to apply the mix as near to the roots as possible.

Is Touche Chromatique going to change the result of my next coloration?

Touche Chromatique is not going to change the result of your next coloration. In some cases, by using the Touche Chromatique, the hair growth may be spaced out.


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