Kerastse Elixir Ultime

Mother's Day: Celebrate Her Shine

For Mother’s Day 2020, we offer our appreciation for the most amazing woman we know. It is time to let our mothers shine.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime

Light of Our Lives

Through their life lessons and pearls of wisdom, we learned how to navigate life with strength and grace. From the moment we came into the world, our mothers were there to offer nurturing love and support.

Mother's Day is a precious opportunity to reflect on the beauty of motherhood. From early school days to big life decisions, teenage romances to wedding day tears of joy, our mothers' words of encouragement served as a guiding light through it all.

Now it's time to turn the spotlight on mothers; the women who have made us who we are today. 

Four ways to maker her shine

Exquisite formula

Luxury begins with the basics. The Elixir Ultime formula brings together a pantheon of high-power beauty oils that nourish the hair to gleaming health. Precious camellia oil adds suppleness and intense, lasting shine, while sacred marula oil infuses the hair with weightless nutrition and protection from the elements.

Kerastse Elixir Ultime
Kerastse Elixir Ultime

Luxury presentation

When she opens the box and picks up the Original Oil, she'll know she's got something special. The iconic glass bottle beautifully designed to exude luxury, will call our to her. Its unique shape is sure to brighten her bathroom, perfectly poised among the finest fragrances and beauty potions, for a shot of luxury in easy reach.

Indulgent fragrance

Some say the most indulgent part of the ELIXIR ULTIME experience is the iconic fragrance it releases with every pump. Floral top notes of violet and freesia are grounded by earthier scents of cedar, sandalwood and musk, creating a halo of luxury that stays with her all day.

Kerastse Elixir Ultime
Kerastse Elixir Ultime

Powerful results

Instant and intense, Elixir Ultime is the no-fail shine injection every woman craves. The precious oil provides 6x more shine, with 48hrs of nutrition and up to 96hrs of anti-frizz protection. The result? Gleaming, healthy hair and radiant beauty.

It's time to let mum shine!



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