Where can I buy Kérastase products in professional sizes (economy size)?

Kérastase professional-sized products are available exclusively for use by Kérastase consultant salon professionals.  They are not available for sale to individuals.

Can I get samples of Kérastase products?

A selection of Kérastase samples are available from Kérastase consultant salons.  Please enquire with your Kérastase consultant stylist for appropriate samples after a professional hair diagnosis by a salon professional.

Can I participate in Kérastase product test trials?

We thank for your interest in Kérastase products. We do periodically trial new products and value client input.  In order to register for product trialing opportunities, please subscribe to the Kerastase newsletter mailing list on our website and complete a full online diagnosis so that we have as much information as possible on your hair type and your contact details.  We will be sure to inform you if the opportunity arises.

Can I get a catalogue of Kérastase products?

We do not send physical product catalogues to homes. However, the Take-Home Collections section on our website allows you to view Kérastase products by collection and by sub-collection. Please feel free to print the pages that interest you.

What are the prices of Kérastase products?

No price catalog is available. Please contact your Kérastase consultant salon for the most updated prices of products you are interested in.

Can I use Kérastase products from different collections?

There is no contraindication for using Kérastase products from different collections. We do recommend, however, that you request a complete hair diagnosis from your Kérastase consultant stylist, who will be able to recommend suitable products for all your hair and scalp needs.

How long should Kérastase treatment product regimens last?

Please refer to the instructions provided for treatment products (Aminexil, Initialiste, etc.) or ask your Kérastase consultant stylist, who will be able to assess the condition of your hair.

Are there any contraindications for using Kérastase products (pregnancy, etc.)?

No. There are no specific contraindications or health warnings for any Kérastase products in the Australia/NZ market.  Please enquire with your health professional if you have any specific health concerns, allergies or conditions with regard to specific ingredients.


Can I buy Kérastase products online or by mail order?

Kérastase recommends a professional hair and scalp diagnosis from an authorised Kérastase consultant salon. However, should you be unable to visit a salon, Adore Beauty is an authorised online stockist. Please visit


Where can I buy Kérastase products?

Please visit our online Salon Locator, which will provide you with the Kérastase consultant salons located nearest to you based on your personal information. All Kérastase consultant salons are authorised to sell our products and carry our full range of products.

Professional hairstylist

I am a hairstylist and I would like to become a retailer of Kérastase products. What steps should I take?

We thank you for your interest in Kérastase. To inquire about becoming a Kérastase retailer, please send us a message using the "Contact Us" button below, and use the title "Sales Contact" in your title.  The Kérastase Australia Sales Department will then forward your contact information to the appropriate Kérastase business consultant.


Who is your media contact?

Thank you for your interest.  Please send us a message using the "Contact Us" button below with the title: Media Enquiry.

Career opportunities

How do I apply for career opportunities at Kérastase?

Kérastase is a company under the L'OREAL group. For all job applications, please click here.


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