TOUCHE CHROMATIQUE - COOL BROWN is an ink-in-care to mix in Masque Chromatique. 
It neutralises unwanted red reflects for an enhanced cool brown.




  • Neutralizes red reflects.
  • Ensures color eveness.
  • Avoids color drifting.  
  • Provides radiant shine. 
  • Plumped hair touch.
  • Smooth & Supple texture.



To be blended with Masque Chromatique. Mix 10 pumps of Touche Chromatique in the Masque Chromatique (use tools provided). Apply to shampooed and towel-dried hair. Massage lengths and tips. Leave on for 5 minutes. Lather then rinse thoroughly.



For the first time, Direct Dyes are used for their efficiency in neutralisation and enhancement. These highly concentrated dyes have been chosen for their strong neutralisation performance. They provide the best lastingness of color while being true to the shade and gentle to the hair fiber. Mixed with the best conditonning agents from Masque Chromatique, it brings the best of care and color integrity. 

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Whether it’s to cover their grey hair to look younger or to dare a cool and bright blond to feel glamorous, women with color-treated hair make an intimate choice every time, one that is a true reflection of their personality. A personality to uphold by offering their hair the best in care and protection to maintain a vibrant color.

Used by women with colored hair worldwide, Reflection keeps pushing the boundaries of its expertise to meet their new expectations. And for the first time, the iconic range reinvents itself with an exceptional care offering prolonged colored hair and, for the first time, a care that is personalised according to the shade. A reinforced PERFORMANCE, thanks to the new Système Capture Advanced, enriched by Chelators Complex.

Kérastase has succeeded in identifying the water particles that are directly responsible for color fading. The Chelators Complex is hence capable of neutralizing these particles and of preventing their adhesion to the hair fiber on the long term. For 40 days, the color is protected and prolonged; the hair is bright and lustrous with a mirror effect. The fibre is well nourished and supple for a sublime touch. In addition, the range can be personalised according to the thickness and the sensitivity of the fibre.

The CORRECTION CHROMATIQUE is now applicable to colored hair thanks to its first ink-in-care, the Touche Chromatique: a personalized care to prolong the brightness of color-treated hair. Available in 4 different shades, once mixed with the Reflection mask, they correct or brighten faded color-treated hair for a natural and lustrous result. A perfect balance of the direct dyes used by the best colorists and an exceptional hair care, the Touche Chromatique provides a guarantee for bright, soft and vivacious hair.

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