Chronologiste Regenerative skincare for your hair

Kérastase unveils its masterpiece.
The ritual of total hair and scalp regeneration.

Stylist tips - Chronologiste All the tips and tricks from our Kérastase professionals

Stylist tips - Chronologiste

All hair types

TIP 1: To maintain the beauty of our skin, we cleanse, tone and moisturise. Similarily, our hair care routine requires the same essential steps; bathe, care and texturise. Speak to your Kérastase consultant to discover what 3-step program is best suited to your needs.

TIP 2: To reduce hair breakage and maintain fullness and body, remember to only comb your hair when it is wet and only brush your hair when it is dry.

Stylist tips - Chronologiste

The collection - Chronologiste Discover the Chronologiste program adapted to your needs

A unique ritual. Kérastase created a customised 4-step beauty routine: prepare, bathe, care and texturise with carefully-conceived methods for beautifying the hair.
These simple steps constitute a targeted, in-salon treatment which establishes a ritual haircare routine that women can do in-home with Kérastase products.

Discover the 4-step beauty routine

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