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Visions of Style II Featuring Anja Rubik

Visions of Style II


Kérastase envisions a woman’s beauty personified through her hairstyle. For centuries, women’s hair styles have evolved and changed with passing trends and fashion. Today, women change their hair like they change their clothes. Just as in any fashion conscious wardrobe she has signature pieces that she returns to time and time again, so too she has hair styles that best reflect her persona. Studying the most coveted styles and infusing them with a fashionable, luxurious edge, Kérastase proposes Visions of Style II, the new icons of styling that will define the women of today and tomorrow.

Visions of Style II


Nobody embodies the versatility of style like Anja Rubik. The supermodel and editor-in-chief of '25 Magazine' is celebrated as a veritable chameleon in fashion and beauty. Anja is not only a Worldwide sensation, she is also adaptable enough to pose for everything from Chanel to Gucci. She is one exceptional woman capable of so many different styles; perhaps we all love her because she is so enigmatic. With the power of Kérastase L’incroyable blowdry and the hands of the great Luigi Murenu, Anja transforms to incarnate 10 incredible women. With one product she can become anything, from the Bohème to the Rebel. A look for every mood or occasion created with Kérastase L’incroyable blowdry. One woman. One icon. One collection. One product. 10 incredible looks.


Sessions stylist extraordinaire Luigi Murenu teams up with star stylist Melanei Ward and renowned fashion photographer Iango Henzi to transform supermodel Anja Rubik into 10 exceptional women. This collaboration of luminary figures from the fashion world have united their celebrated talents around the empowering concept that any woman is capable of any look. With this in mind, they have created the most stunning and liberating hairstyle collection to date. In their talented hands and with the versatile product Kérastase L’incroyable blowdry, Visions of Style II, one woman, 10 looks, created to change the way we approach modern hair styling.


L’incroyable blowdry is the perfect blowdry in a bottle. This revolutionary product will change the way you blowdry your hair. Thanks to exclusive repositionable technology, L’incroyable blowdry gives perfect form and supple touch from day one, but also allows for touchups and full style changes for days after. Go curly to straight and back to curly again without reapplying the product – just apply heat! This truly is error-proof styling. At the heart of the product are elastic beeswaxes that provide not only flexible, natural hold, but the ability to reheat and reset the shape of your hairstyle. Restyle your hair without reapplying. This is unlike any product on the market and will save you time and energy whilst giving you beautifully touchable styles that last. One miracle product. Infinately incredible looks.