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50 years of haircare creativity. As part of women’s lives, of legendary products, of useful innovation and still a step ahead.

50 years of fundamental research and a special form of scientific talent that can be seen and felt in every product.

For 50 years Kérastase has put its expertise into the service of women, to bring out the beauty of every woman's hair. A true gift.

Diana Vishneva for Kérastase


"My life is all about Discipline"

Diana Vishneva for Kérastase

What does discipline mean to you?

My life is all about discipline. I started dancing when I was 6 years old. I then attended the Vaganova Ballet Academy, which had a certain magic about it, transforming everyone who crossed its threshold. Your adult life began at the age of 11, and, in spite of all the hard work and stress, every kid was eager to stay in this “enchanted kingdom”. Only three of us made it to the graduation year.
Ever since enrolling at the ballet school, I work 10 hours a day. You know they say to "never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." That sums up my attitude, even for the slightest detail of a movement: I will keep working on it relentlessly – until it feels perfect today.

What does Kérastase mean to you?

To me, Kérastase is about excellence, quality and a treat for the senses. I love the texture of the products, the way they smell. My first encounter with the brand was soon after I had performed Balanchine’s “Jewels” in Seoul. On my hairdresser’s station, I noticed a beautifully faceted, glowing bottle that reminded me of precious stones; I was immediately curious to try this gorgeous product. It happened to be Elixir Ultime!

Why was this project meaningful to you?

Recently, I have become quite involved with fashion and beauty, but my experience with Kerastase has proven completely different from posing for magazine covers and even from a photo sessions with Patrick Demarchelier and other renowned photographers. From being a static cover girl to expressing beauty in movement – to me, it felt like a new professional challenge! I had to simultaneously control the complex movements of body and hair, which seemed nearly impossible, but we did it! As I said, I love breaking boundaries and venturing into new domains.