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Discover iconic moments

50 years of haircare creativity. As part of women’s lives, of legendary products, of useful innovation and still a step ahead.

50 years of fundamental research and a special form of scientific talent that can be seen and felt in every product.

For 50 years Kérastase has put its expertise into the service of women, to bring out the beauty of every woman's hair. A true gift.

In the words of hairstylists

Olivier Schmidt, Olivier Schmidt Hair Design Salon, Germany

“By using Kérastase products the hair gets exactly what it deserves and is improved at its maximum.”

In the words of hairstylists

What does Kérastase mean to you as hairdresser?

It gives me the chance to create individual nourishing treatments for different hair and scalp types – perfectly adapted to the customers hair needs.

How have Kérastase’s products & rituals followed you throughout your career?

Kérastase has been following me a very long time in my professional career: The professionalism of cuts, color treatments and the high quality of Kérastase products are part of my everyday tool as a hairdresser.

How does Kérastase meet the needs of women and their expectations of hairdressers?

Kérastase conducts constant research and always takes it one step further. Based on 50 years of experience Kérastase knows exactly what women's needs are. By the use of Kérastase products the hair gets exactly what it deserves and is improved to its maximum.

What are your favourite products?

My favourite products are Nutri Thermique and Ciment Anti Usure which nourishes the hair with important moisture and ensures stability and gloss. The best treatment for the scalp is Densifique, that stimulates new hair growth.

What would be your ideal Kérastase product for the future?

The perfect Kérastase product contains three main things: accurate application, short time of exposure and instant effect.