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50 years of haircare creativity. As part of women’s lives, of legendary products, of useful innovation and still a step ahead.

50 years of fundamental research and a special form of scientific talent that can be seen and felt in every product.

For 50 years Kérastase has put its expertise into the service of women, to bring out the beauty of every woman's hair. A true gift.

2004: Kérastase introduces Réflection

Redefining coloured hair maintenance

In 2004, Kérastase unveiled the Reflection collection. Our first light-reflecting haircare regime to transform each hair fibre, revealing a mirror-like shine.

2004: Kérastase introduces Réflection

Darren Flower, Creative Director of Clipso, shares his tips and tricks

"My colour-treated clients know that special care is key for beautiful hair. Colour-treated hair is more sensitive to external aggressions because it has already been weakened by the action of hair colouring. The result is colour fade and decreased shine. This is why it is so important to use the Reflection collection as it's designed especially for colour-treated hair. The baths (shampoos) extend the life of the colour while its protective masques boost radiance."

“Using targeted hair care products which vary according to the hair's degree of damage is the best way to preserve the shine and vibrancy of colour-treated hair. For optimal shine when using the Reflection Collection I would always recommend you rinse hair with a blast of cold water during the final rinse to close up the hair fibre scales."